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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

#TuesdaySerial - Keila and Varick 8

Varick made no move to stop me as I reached for his belt. Blue eyes looked black as I kept his gaze. Blood trickled slowly from the bits, pasting a few strands of my hair to my neck.

The vampire's heated expression empowered me. He remained still as I opened his pants, though his breathing was ragged. Varick could barely keep control, and all because of me. I, a woman of not even twenty, was driving him, an experienced vampire of eight centuries, to the very edge of control.

When I pulled the waist band of his slacks down, the German let his eyes close with a sigh.

I couldn't help but grin at his reaction. All the hiding and denying we'd done at first, and both of us had been raging for the other. Varick had been right; there hadn't been time to give in to each other.

When I reached for his boxer-briefs, the vampire touched my cheek. "Viellercht ist mein liebling sollte entfernen meine stiefel." Perhaps my darling should remove my boots. He lifted one foot and placed it in my lap.

"I should unlace them?" I asked tentatively. His brief nod brought a rush of heat to my cheeks. I was once more reminded how inexperienced I was hen it came to intimate relations. Lowering my eyes, I began unlacing the twenty-eyed Doc Martens.

The laces zipped along my fingers as I pulled them free. The leather was well-worn but stiff, and Varick's calf was strong beneath that. I had non of his vampiric speed, and the weight of his gaze made me aware of hos long I was taking.

Unlacing his boots made me feel submissive, but not at all degraded. My actions were a tangible countdown to our next bout of passion. I was already naked and ready; this was me returning the favor.

Varick gave a small groan of approval as the first boot and sock came off. I rubbed his foot as I raised my eyes, and was surprised by the look on his face. Desire, of course, but there was also a touch of wonderment and possessiveness. I reached through the link for answers while he presented his other foot.

The vampire wasn't surprised by me unlacing his boots without question. We were both away ore my submissive leanings. What did throw him for a loop was how much it meant to him to watch his woman do such a thing.

I paused, only a few eyelets unlaced. I didn't know what to say or how to react. The vampire thought of me as his woman. Not just a plaything, or a quick lay, but as someone he would date and go out with.

Varick ran a hand through my hair, a bemused smile on his lips. "For a woman in a rush, you have slowed down significantly."

Nipping at his fingers, I cut through the remaining laces with a sliver of my psi blade. Time enough for contemplations after we were sated.