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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Easy way to feel better about yourself

I suffer occasionally from depression and low-self esteem. I think it's probably intrinsic to the artistic mind. Maybe some fancy behavioral scientist is already doing a study to show that the neurotransmitters are closely linked.

Anyway, like anyone who knows about these darknesses themselves, it's hard to get out of them. Even when you can logically sit down and tell yourself there's no reason to be sad or anything.

Tonight, I forced myself out of one of those low malaises, and my husband and I went out to see the new Underworld movie. It wasn't bad, wasn't great. It was certainly a nice way to spend an evening with the man I love.

After the show's over, I'm getting a refill on my popcorn, and the young man behind the counter can't help but start flirting with me. I flirt back, because I love playing like that, and it makes me smile and feel great about myself. And my love is just watching, unobtrusively, enjoying the smile on my face.

It really did boost my self-esteem to have a boy half my age flirting with me over popcorn recipes. He suggests half butter-popcorn, half kettle corn for a texture change. He wasn't particularly cute or anything, so I had no appreciation of him, and he didn't realize I'm approaching 33, but it was one of those nice exchanges that puts a little skip in a girl's step.

So, what little pleasures and boosts do y'all get/take/make in your lives?