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Monday, January 23, 2012

Anyone who's been reading for a while knows I didn't talk about my last employer by name. I said it was a cell company, but I didn't want to be too deeply associated with it. After the bitterness of being fired, I think I'm actually rather glad I never got into name-dropping. Makes it easier to stop thinking about them.

But my new employers are fantastic. I cannot express quite how pleased I am that we found each other. If I hadn't already been in existence, I'd agree with the statement I was manifested just to fill this role.

It is a great role I find myself in. No, I'm not doing any of the readings. As much as y'all want to hear my Miss Cleo accent, it's just not happening.

What I do do is customer service. I help people sign up, and make purchases, and get reconnected with their chosen psychic. I do some data entry in the back-end, maintain a few plug-ins. Easey peasey lemon squeezy. I LOVE it. Was actually kind of worth the stress of the job hunt to land this.

Bonus: I will end up working from home.

Since this is a newer website, and the least scam-tastic psychic site I have encountered, I am proud to talk about them. I want to help them grow and succeed, and not just because it's a paycheck. Everyone involved are genuinely good people, and just the right kind of eccentric and odd.

One of the things I'm going to be doing for them is helping, ever so slightly, with the SEO side of it. Now, now, don't groan so loud. I know marketing and SEO are crappy words for most indie artists to hear, but I can use my experience to at least help out. They haven't had time to do so themselves, so I'm willing to fill the role. It even gives me something to do between calls, and makes sure this keeps going.

So, if you stop by, know that I'm helping push the blogging and the links. I'm working most of the Facebook pages for them. I'll be doing more, but I really only just started.

Eventually, I'll make it to where we're so big I can have my own peon. Then I can wiggle my fingers and say "Dance, puppet, dance." That will be the day.