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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Midsummer's Unveiling on Smashwords

The conversion process goes sooooo fast in the middle of the night. Great for night owls like me.

So, while waiting on Amazon and B&N to finish converting their files, you can grab Midsummer's Unveiling on Smashwords right now.

Of the ones that are written, this is my favorite in the series. Number 5 will probably end up being my fave....if the world doesn't end before then. o,.,o

Waiting on the proof of the physical book. That'll take a week. CreateSpace said they needed to change the trim on the cover, and since I had a wrap-around background, I want to make sure it didn't get too boogered up. Otherwise, I'd just approve it now. I mean, I know how to do interiors by this point, and can trust my pdf file when I look at it.

Anyway, go check out the new book. Tell your friends. Jump up and down for me, and make sure people know my books aren't about sparklepires or mopey little emopires. Just the real bloodsuckers here.