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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Free books for buying All Hallows Blood

I'm always looking for new readers. Not for the money, but because I want to entertain them. I want to make people feel something, be it happiness, love, terror, or even curiosity of how I came to be this way.

Money is a concern though. Your money, frankly. I know there are many reasons to not spend so much to buy All Hallows Blood, and I honestly can't say as I blame you. I am pick with my own book purchasing choices, so I will not expect anything less from you.

However, I think it's a good book. I think it's a great series. Many people agree, meaning it's not just my ego talking. I would love for you to get into the world of Keila and Varick so much, that I'm going to give away the other two in the series.

Yes, free books. 

All you need to do is purchase All Hallows Blood, in either format, and send me the order details on this page. I don't need or want the billing info, so hang on to that. Just copy those words that say Order Detail and show my book title and price, and I will send you ecopies of Saint Valentine's Clash and Midsummer's Unveiling. Sorry, no physical copies; I'm not rich enough for that yet.

Bought the book a while ago, and don't have your receipt anymore? Fine. Type in the opening line of Chapter 10, and I'll count that as a receipt.

Already have either of the sequels? Then pick some of my other books.
That's my deal. Buy one book, get two more. Isn't that a worthwhile investment?Stop by here to get your books.