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Friday, March 2, 2012

#FridayFlash - Dusted

Grenwald nestled on the back of the couch, basking in the smell of Rook's hair. Their home hummed with all the spirits feeding; the pookah had counted over ten thousand different spirits in the last couple weeks. The nights offerings were made were always so active, and he wanted to watch over his hostess.

She tapped away at her laptop, updating her site, still a little sick. She looked merely tired, but Grenwald could taste the weakness in her spirit. Rook shouldn't have made the offering tonight, putting some of herself out there, but he knew she wouldn't neglect her charges.

Mackey walked through the room, chattering softly. "What's that, my little love?" She didn't look up, but reached out for the cat with her foot. Her familiar rubbed across her toes, purring loudly.

Grenwald jumped down near the cat, sharing his energy with Mackey. Time to get his fluffy friend up and playing.

The cat gave a murt noise and darted down the hall. Grenwald followed, tackling the familiar. Their spirits interacted, and the cat was opened to the spirit world. Many felines had forgotten how to access the spirit, and humans had forgotten cats could do it.

But not this cat, and not this person.

Mackey raced away, pupils dilated, trailing his life and happiness into the aether. Grenwald followed, laughing with his friend, aware of the newcomers staring at him. It took a while for the various spirits to get used to the interactions here. Hunter cats like Mackey normally ate the fae, not romped around like a kitten.

Grenwald tackled the black-and-white cat, laughing as Mackey tried to kick him free. Rook looked up, met her familiar's gaze, and the cat darted back down the hall.

She laughed, and called to her husband in the kitchen. "The cat's dusted again."

The pookah smirked. High on faerie dust, indeed.