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Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for the K&V Chronicles

The K&V Chronicles. Keila and Varick. It only took me multiple years to come up with an acceptable series title. I am so bad with titles, it's almost shameful.

When I was trying to settle on the name, I had a more difficult time than normal. "A Keila O'Broin novel" is pretty straightforward, but she won't always be an O'Broin, and it's not just about her. I wanted something more than just the "Keila and Varick" I had been using.

One of the biggest struggles was not excluding Varick. He is absolutely integral toKeila and the series, so he needed to be part of it.

Then I realized not a lot of other leading man get the spotlight when it comes to series titles. Which is a shame, because, for me at least, the man is the reason I'm reading a romance.

Men are great, and my Varick is the greatest. He is perfect for Keila, and they make each other happy. She isn't defined by her man, hut heightened by him. Keila could live on her own, but life just wouldn't be as good without him.

When I'm writing about them, it absolutely is about them. Both of them. Their adventures together. Their development as a couple and as people. Soulmates and inseperable, I needed that to be reflected in the title.

I finally managed, and it feels absolutely right. I would chronicle them forever if I could.