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Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Serilda's Story

S is for Serilda. The younger sister of Varick from my K&V Chronicles, she's also a vampire. She's also a mage. Kiyoshi is the incubus from the chronicles, and when he's introduced, he is like a social chameleon; he takes on aspects of whatever woman he's with.

Here's a short story from between Chronicles 2 and 3.


It was time the incubus gained some independence, even if Serilda had to for him to.

She approached Keila's house, aware her brother and the girl were on a date and wouldn't be back for hours. More than enough time for the female vampire to work with Kiyoshi. All she needed was to draw out that spark that was already within him.

The Japanese incubus was quick to answer the door. She knew hw much he liked pleasing Keila. The girl had said Kiyoshi was better, much less obsequious, but still dependent on her for his strength. "Serilda-dono, " he said in surprise.

"Hello, Kiyoshi." She spoke low and sultry, already tingling with the hunt. Her golden hair was pulled into a severe topknot, and her long silk coat hugged her tight. With her high heels on, she towered a full six inches over the slender man.

"Many apologies, but Keila-dono isn't home. Kiyoshi is unaware of when Keila-dono will return."

The German pushed into the house, her hand in the middle of his chest. "I am not here for her." She narrowed her eyes and offered a heated smile. "I am here for you."

His aura flared, his sexual presence immediately strengthening. Serilda's fangs ached as she breathed him in. She hadn't come across a treat this delightful in a long time. "How can Kiyoshi help Serilda-dono?" The incubus's voice had dropped half a register, deepening as he reacted to her presence. Her desires and personality were already warping him.

"Kiyoshi can answer a question for Serilda-dono." She let every syllable curl around her tongue before falling from her ruby-colored lips. Locking eyes with him, the vampire pushed the incubus further into the house. She used one foot to close the door, and the pair seemed to be in their own world as they stood in the middle of the entryway. "Is Kiyoshi happy changing to meet his master's wishes?"

The bluntness of her question caught him off-guard. He stared, the red in his eyes flaring. "Keila-dono is not Kiyoshi's master."

Even though his answer was quick and full of surety, she'd seen the flicker in the back of his eyes. The flash of desire for freedom, to be his own man again. All her instincts were correct; there was something she could work with.

Smiling enough to reveal a touch of fangs, Serilda brushed against him on the way to the living room. "It must be hard to be influenced by a woman you cannot fuck." Best to keep him reeling.

The sudden rush of his heady aroma told her it was working. Standing in the middle of the living room, Serilda closed her eyes to appreciate his flavor and what it did to her. Warmth raced across her nerves at the first rush of arousal.

"What is Serilda-dono implying?" Kiyoshi's voice was still deeper than normal, his footsteps more assured as he followed. As Serilda was far more wanton than Keila, Kiyoshi would be as well. The changeable part of his nature was handy for her needs.

Opening her coat and turning, the vampire revealed that she wore only knee-high boots. "Only that you are not being put to proper use."

Kiyoshi's eyes sparkled, the red in the iris brighter as he appraised her pale and toned body. Taking several steps forward, he whispered, "What would Serilda-dono have of Kiyoshi?"

"Only himself." She let the black silk puddle around her feet, then planted her hands on her hips. "I want the man behind the facade."

He paused and frowned. The irony of a submissive incubus was only heightened by his delicate and beautiful body. "Kiyoshi doesn't-"

"Know what that is. Ja, Keila has told me. I think we both know that is not entirely true." Serilda lifted her chin to stare impreiously at him. "Surely you at least know if you want to have sex."

The Japanese man released his frown and took two more steps. They were only ten feet apart, and his presence electrified her every nerve. It took effort to not pounce on him; Keila must have a will of steel. "Kiyoshi does miss intimacy and pleasure." His eyes grew harder, stronger, as he stared at the vampire.

Serilda sensed the change as it started. Not only were his emotions shifting, the line of magic in his soul did as well. The vampire mage latched onto it with arcane powers, prepared to act the moment her was ready. Magick had turned him into an incubus, transmuting his personality in the process. Only magick could lock his ego back into place. "If you were free from any woman, would you go out and take pleasure?"

Two more steps brought an exponential increase of his aura through hers. Serilda's skin tingled at the reaction, sharp little bites of sensual energy calling to her nerves. Kiyoshi's lips flushed as he spoke, a lovely rose lure. "Kiyoshi enjoys giving pleasure."

More internal shifting. Serilda softened her pose slightly, enticing him closer. "You are surely good at it after all these years. Giving pleasure is a rare and wonderful talent."

Confidence instantly suffused the incubus. He moved yet closer, almost within arm's reach. "Kiyoshi knows what a woman wants and becomes the perfect lover."

The vehemence in his words marked the final shift in his soul. Serilda pulled magickal energy to her, locking Kiyoshi's persona in place. The mage shivered as the spell took hold, fixing a century old flaw. No longer would Kiyoshi be a pet; he was his own man.

Still focused on the magick work, Serilda was surprised when he grabbed her face and pulled her down for a kiss. "Allow Kiyoshi to show Serilda-dono how perfect." She made no protests as the incubus did just that.