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Monday, October 28, 2013

#Flash story - Diary of a temple cat

I am Acolyte Mackerton no more!

Today I passed my final trials. Master Shadow was most pleased with my progress. I'm his youngest student to attain Guardian rank. The other acolytes stare and fail to hide their jealousy.

And well they should be jealous. Most of them are of temple cat lineage, weaned on the rites of worship, reared amidst fellow guardians of the Truth. I'm a humble street cat, with no great family name to carry, yet they struggle ten whiskers behind me. As if temple blood solves everything.

Tail flicks to all of them! I hope they choke on a hairball and reincarnate as a pigeon.

Slow blink. Relax. Purr-ditate. I am a Guardian now, and must behave like one. Emotional outbursts, especially in regards to lower ranks, are unbecoming. Master Shadow will expect my best behavior as I join his temple. He's trained his humans well, and they will have certain expectations of his protege. May I never mouse again if I shame him.

Guardian Mackerton hit the 'nip a little hard.
It's just so hard to not get excited! Tomorrow marks the first full day of my new rank. Everyone will watch Master Shadow and I leave, and will see me with new eyes. My little pink pads will very shortly tread the stones of a real temple, not the facade of the training halls. Humans will worship me, and I will have an actually piece of the Truth to guard.

Tail flicks to it all! Tonight is for catnip and playfighting. Tomorrow is soon enough for Guardian Mackerton to don his serious whiskers.