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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My book is my own again

Well, the big day is finally here, The burden of the contract is gone, and I have full control of my debut novel once more. All failures and successes are completely from my efforts. I can choose to post excerpts without asking permission, and no one is going to profit from my hard work while doing nothing themselves.

Not that there's been a profit turned. o,.,o

It's taken me most of a year to move through my bitterness and resentment of Crescent Moon Press. Critical success on my part, as that negativity nearly killed my desire to write. Today would have been unremarkable in my previous mindset.

Fortunately, I found some zen about the whole situation. I see the events more as part of a learning experience, and as the stepping stone that it was. Without someone taking a chance on my book and actually publishing me, I'd have never felt successful and talented. Without someone showing me the ugly world of publishing, I'd have never thought to self-publish and strike out on my own.

So, thank you, Crescent Moon Press, for gambling on a crazy girl and her vampire book. You changed my life, and taught me a plethora of new things. You fucked me over, and caused me to despise my own creation. Our time is finally over, the hellish years are at an end, and we are both free to do our own thing.

That covers the farewells. On to the re-release party!

CreateSpace has the physical copy of my book, with the new cover and everything. I wish it could be cheaper, but it is what it is.

I've chosen to enroll in KDP Select for the ebook. This means until March 11th, only Kindle owners can get this re-release version. Sorry, Smashwords, but I wanted to see what this would do for my readership. As soon as I have a link for All Hallows Blood in the Kindle store, I'll put it up.

Thanks to everyone who never gave up on me. I love you, and I needed your support.