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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Short Story - Homecoming

She sits atop the hill, watching the sun sink toward the horizon. Dusk is the best time to sing; the world becomes quiet, ready to rest, able to hear the faintest melodies.

The last rays kiss the sky, and a hush falls across her. No more bust photons, no more rush to work, no more activity to distract. It's calm and welcoming, like a silk shawl placed across her shoulders. This is her favorite time of day.

Her first note is high, soft, almost too faint to be heard. She holds it for a long time before descending into the body of the song. Up and down the scale, the tempo follows her heartbeat, quickly filling the silence left by the sunset. Birds join in, and soon the ground swells with the song.

Full of sorrow and love, loneliness and hope, she sings her song of homecoming with her very soul. Aether and physical realms feel the pull of her threnody, carrying her symphony to those who can hear. She knew their hearts and souls will understand, will guide them home.

And though she stands alone, it is only temporary. The others are being guided home, and she will sing every day until they are united once more.

This is her song of homecoming.