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Friday, December 1, 2017

Short Story - Hunter or Hunted

She paused, seeing an opportunity. His back was turned and he was distracted; she might have a chance to skulk up on the young man.

Her aura tamped down easy enough, but he wasn't like the others. This was another predator, and she had to do more to sneak up on him if she wanted to go undetected. Breathing slowly, she attempted to echo his moves, to be a living shadow to him.

Time dilated and stretched, and he continued to work. Somehow she closed the distance and stood behind him, feeling like a pillar of ice as she kept her presence contained within herself. Trembling slightly with restraint and anticipation, she waited for him to stand up.

As he rose, mere inches between them, she inhaled deeply of his scent, allowing her aura to wrap around him. He stiffened, finally realizing she was there as her mouth brushed the side of his long. Not quite touching him yet, not quite closing the gap, not quite claiming him.

He shivered from head to toe, making a tiny whimper in the back of his throat, and she knew victory was hers.

Growling, she grabbed him by the neck and pulled him back against herself, two sharp fingernails digging into his skin. He laid his head back on her shoulder, baring his throat, spine arching as he opened himself to her. His need drew her out, begged her to take advantage of the moment.

Take advantage of the moment she did. Fingernails dug deeper into his neck, drawing a single drop of blood, which she licked up with deliberate slowness. He tasted delightful, and she savored the rich sweetness of his body and spirit. Nothing had piqued her appetite this way in quite some time.

He moaned and whimpered, pressing into her instead of attempting retreat. His breath strained against her tightening hand, and his pulse leapt beneath her touch. She let her teeth dance along the side of his neck without giving in to either of their desire for the full bite. He raised his hand to the back of her head and plead once, softly.

She could hold back no longer.

With a snarl, she opened her mouth wide and struck. Teeth dug into his tender neck, and she wrapped her other arm around his torso to restrain him, to keep him locked in place. The hand on the back of her head trembled, tangled in her hair, but made no attempt to pull her free as she fed viciously.

She groaned and swallowed, lost in the moment of his flavor, in the richness of his essence. His moans rattled through her entire body, drawing her further in, blinding her to anything but her prey. Not that he was anything but giving and open, almost like he'd wanted her to feed like this.

As they collapsed to their knees, she wondered who had hunted who.