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Friday, September 7, 2018

#FridayFlash - Furry Faerie Friends

Turns out, corgis are from the faerie realms.

It really shouldn't have been a surprise to me. Or any mage with even an inkling of awareness. It's not like there weren't somewhat magical creatures currently living on the physical plane, but we all thought they had been cataloged already.

Most of us know corvids are from higher realms, as are cats, of course. Raccoons, dolphins, and parrots are telepathic to varying degrees. Roses and orchids aren't from the base Earth realm, though the exact origins are lost. The list went on, unchanged for time immemorial.

But no one knew about corgis.

In hindsight, someone should have seen the signs. Corgis were more than just smart; they were extraordinarily clever and crazy intuitive, bordering on psychic. They brought happiness and joy to everyone they met, and always had a smile on their face. Corgis were impossible to keep down, and I'd never met a traumatized one.

Someone also should have noticed that there was no breeding the corginess out of them. German shepherd and a corgi? Shepherd-colored corgi. Pomeranian and a corgi? Pomeranian-coated corgi. Kingsnake and a corgi? Well, maybe nothing that drastic, but we don't know for sure that it wouldn't be a scaled corgi.

I do know that when the worlds shifted to a closer alignment and the doors of Alfhame opened to reveal Prince Niall and his honor guard of armored corgis, my mind was figuratively blown, and not just by the smoking hot elven prince. While I'd stared in shock with my jaw hanging open, Auggie, my current corgi, had just stared at me with an oh-so-smug smile.

I wanted to kick myself for not having noticed the glaringly obvious signs. I'd only run a haven for lost faeries for the last decade, boarded the feline familiars of my friends, and had kept corgis all my life. Never once had I thought I had anything but normal dogs, even when my faerie friends fawned on them or my corgis unerringly understood what I was saying. It hadn't even seemed strange when Auggie had brought me what turned out to be my strongest divining rod.

How many other magical creatures were living right under our noses, waiting to be acknowledged?