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Monday, September 24, 2018

The Shalafae Archives - Hello

Wherein Morrigana meets Shalafae's sister. Note: most of what I have already written of these stories are in third person. Only recently did I feel comfortable enough to write from her perspective.


Morrigana meditated in the garden, letting her senses dance with the flows of energy. The roses hummed to themselves, surrounding the hybrid in contentment. She knew only peace when practicing outside.

Strange for a dragon to enjoy such verdant surroundings, she thought. Then again, only half a dragon. The other half may very well be elf or gathin or anything else that likes plants.

The young woman’s training had progressed to the point that Lord Shalafae let her practice unattended. Mornings were for debate, afternoons for meditations in the garden, evenings for dinner and lessons, nights for passion. The sun had only just begun its descent, giving her hours yet.

A new presence entered the half-dragon’s senses, and she bolted to her feet. Morri and Shalafae were the only two in the castle. Did her master already know about the intruder? Should I run?

During her hesitation, a tall blond woman entered the meditation circle. Morrigana stared, stunned by the other woman’s grace and beauty and presence.

“Hello, Morrigana.”

The hybrid reeled, slumping back to her cushion. Clearly this woman was known to Lord Shalafae. Her pointed ears and upturned blue eyes even gave them a similar look.

She smiled gently, and continued her approach. Tiny steps made the woman appear to glide. A breeze stirred through golden hair, wrapping strands of it around her white dress. “Many apologies for startling you.” She knelt on the grass an arm’s length away.

“Who are you?” The question was lame, blurted out, and Shalafae would have reprimanded her for speaking thoughtlessly. There were no thoughts in Morrigana’s head, only raw reaction.

“No wonder he kept us apart. You are simply too cute.”

“Are you his prisoner too? Are there others?” Morrigana leaned forward in eagerness.

“Prisoner? Hardly, sweetheart.” She offered her manicured hand, and the young woman took it. “My brother has been many things to me, but never my captor.”

Morri blinked slowly, mind blank as it refused to process the new information. “Brother?” Her voice was hardly even a whisper.

“Yes.” A simple nod, steel blue eyes glittering.

“Who are you?”

“I am Kyra Shalafae, and I decided it was time for us to meet.” She brought Morrigana’s hand to her lips, laying a kiss on the young woman’s knuckles.

Fear and confusion and panic rose in her heart, undoing all the calm of her meditation. Morrigana held stock still, awaiting some form of punishment or torture. Shalafae had been kinder, less prone to random violence, but years of captivity had taught her to expect pain.

A sister. He has a sister. Why now? What test is this?

Kyra scooted closer, keeping Morrigana’s hand. “My dear, you needn’t fear me. You’ll come to no harm at my hands.” She started stroking the young woman’s wrists.

Calm was slowly restored; Morrigana drew a deep breath, and her thoughts came back to center. “I am pleased to meet you.” The hybrid bowed her head, black hair spilling across her shoulders. “I beg pardon for my reaction. It was most unbecoming.”

The female Shalafae tucked a strand of Morrigana’s hair behind the girl’s ear. “You needn’t apologize. Considering how these last three years have gone, you behaved admirably.”

Mild resentment poked at the half-dragon’s heart. “You’ve been aware what he does to me?”

“Oh yes.” Kyra nodded. “I’ve helped my brother develop some of your training regimes, actually.”

She tried to jerk her hand away, but the blond used energy to enhance her strength. “Monsters,” Morri hissed.

“We’ve been called that and worse.” Kyra went back to stroking Morri’s wrist. “I hardly notice anymore.”

Tears formed in her silver eyes, and long suppressed emotions sought freedom. Morrigana felt freshly captured, raped and abandoned, lost and alone. “Why are you here?”

Gentle fingers wiped at the hybrid’s cheeks. “Because you have been alone too long. My brother is neglecting the fact that dragons need their clan.”

Morrigana swallowed back her sorrow, turning her face. “I have no clan. They gave me to Shalafae with no regard.”

“That doesn’t mean you don’t need companionship. Someone other than my brother to talk to, to practice with.”

Morrigana brought her gaze back to Kyra. “Why would you do this? I’m just your brother’s pet.” Bitter resignation filled her words.

Kyra’s eyes grew harder, focused and unfocused all at once. “You are more than just a pet, or a blood price, or a bed slave. You need to know that.” Power hummed around Kyra Shalafae.

The hybrid didn’t know what to think, how to respond. She did get terribly lonely, but accepted it as another of her master’s tortures. Just the two of them, leaving her completely dependent on the cruel man.

Lord Shalafae appeared in a puff of magic and aether. Morrigana scrambled to genuflect, recognizing the angry set of his jaw. The albino’s presence roiled in the area, promising punishment. “Explain,” was his terse command.

Kyra forestalled Morrigana’s rushed words with a hand on the girl’s back. “We are busy getting to know each other. I’ll have her up for dinner when we’re done.” The blond woman stroked Morri’s back. “You may leave us be now.”

The half-dragon tensed, waiting for Shalafae’s anger to boil over. There would be beatings, physical and energetical, and possibly blood. It would not go well.

Lord Shalafae left.

Morrigana sat up, jaw hanging loose. Kyra put an arm around the young woman’s shoulders. “Now, where were we?”