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Friday, October 19, 2018

#FridayFlash - Diary of a Temple Cat 2

Yarn balls and warm cream, I love my temple! It's small, and a little disused, but it has a long history and a piece of the Secret. Dogs chase anyone who looks down upon it or me.

Master Shadow and I had a pleasant journey here, almost like we were blessed. Temple virgins rode with us in the palanquin, keeping our fur soft with their pettings, and our tummies full of dried fish.

I purred so hard that I thought I might vibrate apart. This seemed to make the girls happy, and their prayers carried farther while I laid in their laps. Master Shadow had to slow blink me to calmness, to help me maintain my dignity.

Speaking of dignity; the procession into the temple was the most overwhelming moment ever. I was carried at the head of the line, on a silk pillow, the virgins singing in my name. The sun was so very warm, but Master Shadow said I couldn't take a nap until after we settled in. I couldn't even chase the waving banners, no matter how delightful they would be to chase and pounce on.

My new priest is fat and old, but he showed me respect. He had a bowl of delicious liver waiting for me, and everyone waited for me to accept the offering. After long days of traveling, I really needed it. It wasn't nearly enough, and I gobbled it all down, and all my humans seemed very happy.

Then I got to see the Secret! I could use all nine lives trying to describe the wonderousness of the moment, but it would never be enough. Not that words are necessary; merely being Its keeper is enough. My nose is quivering again just thinking of it.

No catnip has ever been this intense. No cream has ever been this sweet, no sunbeam this warm. I am honored to have been chosen, and will perform to the very fullest of my furry best.

My temple and my name will live through the ages.