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Friday, November 16, 2018

#FridayFlash - Immortal Journal 1

Yes, another journal-style short. What can I say? It lets me explore more of the thoughts and feelings of the character, and lets me skip over details, because people don't tend to be all descriptive in their journal entries.

And I like it.


Journal Entry 1 - This is only my fifteenth attempt to put word to paper. Fifteen sheets of paper wasted, three different pens broken. The rage has at least turned into simmering frustration. I think I can handle that. Just need to get my thoughts together so I can maybe understand what has happened and why I woke up in this hellhole.

And what a hellhole it is. No magic, no races but human, blue sky, blazing sun, NOTHING BUT MISERY! FUCK EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS PLACE!!!


Must relax. Must not let them get to me. But how does one not feel anger when trapped in a mortal body, surrounded by mundane and headblind animals, and one doesn't even know why? How long am I supposed to be here? How am I supposed to contact any of my family or bosses? What is my mission? What is the point of anything anymore?

I know I'm not alone. I haven't actually seen another Immortal, but I know they're there. I can sense them on the thin waves of Universal energy that this pitiful excuse for a world has. I see reflections of them in the lore and legends of the native people.

They have to know I'm here. At least some of them. My initial wails set off a volcano when I woke. Can they have become so numb to real power that they can't hear me?

Of course, they could be prisoners too. They might not be able to come here.

Worse yet, they could be my captors. I hate - I hate i hate I HATE thinking about that possibility. It enrages me like nothing else. There aren't fucking words for how angry it makes me.

I can't write anymore tonight. But I've done what I can to empty my emotions, which is what my master taught me. Now I can approach my ordeal with a clearer head.