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Friday, December 14, 2018

#FridayFlash - Caireen

Watched a show that had some child sacrifice, and tried to play it off as quirky and weird. So I used that to inspire this piece.

And I know that Caireen was not a maiden goddess, but why wouldn't she disguise herself to catch the creeps that kill the children she's supposed to protect?


Three old men stood in the shadows, staring at the young woman in the middle of the room. She wore only a thin shift, strawberry blond hair spilling free to her waist. Green eyes sparkled with unshed tears, and arousal stirred through the cabal.

"She's older than the last one," whispered the first man. He wrung his hands, a shiver of anticipation traveling ups his spine.

"Doesn't seem to matter," replied the second, his voice breathy with desire. "She's pure and innocent."

"The smell of her innocence is intoxicating." The third of the cabal licked his lips, loud and wet, enjoying the way she cringed at the sound.

First sniffed rapidly, leaning closer. "Yes it is. She is a good offering."

Second stepped sideways, moving around the circle of candles. Smoke danced in the heat, stirred by his movements. "Where did we find such a lamb? Right on the cusp of womanhood but so young."

Third continued licking his lips, virility setting his blood to boiling. "Breasts barely budding, like the first growth of spring. The masters will be pleased by this one."

"You've killed others?" Her voice came out thin and soft, yet it filled the room, made the cabal frown in puzzlement.

Second hissed. "Sacrifices have never spoken."

"Unless it's to beg for their life." First shuffled closer, robes brushing against the puddled wax. He sniffed, nose up, eyes closing. "Where is your fear?"

She blinked twice, and the sparkle of unshed tears vanished. "Do you like to terrify them before you kill them? Isn't sacrificing children bad enough?"

Third paused in mid-lip smack, brow furrowed, breath caught in his throat. Second and First stared at him, then back at their lamb. The ritual was on pause, disrupted by the unprecedented reaction of their victim. Not once had a sacrifice talked back to them.

Finally, Third spoke. "Who are you? Where did they find you?"

She turned to face him, though she couldn't possibly see him in the shadows. Her shoulders shifted back, her chin lifted with pride. "They didn't find me. I found them."

The feeling in the room changed as the cabal drew back. Warm anticipation turned to cold dread. Words died on their tongues. First moved so quickly from the circle that his robe knocked over several candles.

None of them could speak as she stepped forward, hands clasped behind her back. Her youth faded a tiny bit as her eyes hardened. Staring at the cabal, she nudged a candle over with her toes, then another. Flames danced impossibly higher, lighting her with a wild glow.

"I'm only going to kill two of you, maim the last. I need one of you to live long enough too tell your masters that their dominion has come to an end. I am not the only one who has come back through the cracks. I am not the only one who will track you down." She smiled.

It looked more like a wolf baring its fangs.

Second shrieked like a girl and ran from the ritual chamber. First collapsed in a sobbing heap, pissing himself. Third shivered, ice in his veins, and he was unable to look away from the young woman, stalking him like a tigress.

"Children are sacred. They are the hopes and dreams of their parents. Of the world. They contain so much potential, so much power, like little seeds from the universe.

"But you already know that. It's why you demonic masters have you terrifying and harvesting them, so they can use those little seeds for their evil purposes." She was almost to Third.

He lifted his chin, attempting to hold onto his dignity. "Who are you?"

She reached him, lifting a hand to pat his cheek. "You can call me Caireen...for the rest of your life."