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Friday, December 28, 2018

#FridayFlash - Psychic Pranks

When I made the video for Fornication Wonders, I decided I really liked the pseudo- Laurel and Hardy back and forth. Maybe I liked it enough to turn it into a recurring storyline.


"So, I've been thinking."

"Another astonishing contemplation on the nature of lycan bodily fluids?"

"Ugh, no. I decided that was really just too gross to keep thinking about."

"Then what, pray tell, has you in such a tizzy this time?"

"Do psychics ever pull pranks?"

"I can't believe I'm going to say this, but what do you mean?"

"Okay, so there's this general idea that psychics are little goody-two shows, and they use their powers to help people, and they tell the truth about everything they see."

"That seems to be the general presumption, yes."

"But just like how normal people aren't all exactly good, why wouldn't there be psychics that are different? What if one of them had a really twisted sense of humor and just used that trustworthy reputation to mess with people?"

"Now I understand this supposed train of thought."

"Yeah, so maybe this prankster can see that you're going to die if you turn left on a corner, and while a goodly psychic would tell you to turn right, he tells you it's safe to go left."

"A jury might consider that manslaughter, not a prank."

"I mean, I guess, sure, but a psychic's going to know the cops are on the way, won't get caught. But what if they just give bad advice on dates, and convince their client that the wrong person is their true love? Or keep giving out lottery numbers that are just one digit off?"

"Have you ever considered finding a hobby?"

"Pretty sure this counts as a hobby."

"Something constructive, that would make better use of your time?"

"You're right. I really need to spend more time doing this."

"That is, in fact, the exact opposite of what I just said."

"I could be a philosopher! People will gobble up my wisdom."

"This cannot possible end well."

"Just wait and see. I'll be the next Aristato, but for monsters."