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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Movie Review - Gehenna

Gehenna is definitely a slow burner, ramping up to its twist ending. However, it's fairly predictable and not really that scary.

The concept has some potential, and that's why I gave it some of my time. The acting is only average, exactly what you would expect from a straight-to-DVD type of movie. Character backstories are pulled straight Horror Tropes Weekly (doesn't exist, but it should), and lack any depth. Jump scares and shock gore make up the "horror", and might frighten people less jaded and desensitized than myself.

Unfortunately, this movie seems to be stuck between two worlds. It's not quite a gore-fest slasher, nor is it exactly a psychological nail-biter. It mixes tropes from both realms, but not in a way that makes it stand out or seem groundbreaking.

Can't say this is worth hunting down to watch, but if there's nothing better on, you could certainly do worse.