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Monday, December 31, 2018

The Shalafae Archives - Party

Morrigana sat on the marble bench with a sigh, miserably bored. Her nails clicked on the stone, and she had a flash of desire to summon her talons and tear through the garden. But that would be considered rude, and Father asked me to behave. Why doesn't he just conquer them? The assassin ground her teeth, attempting to quell her frustration.

She tipped her square face to the violet moon, basking in the dark light. At least this planet orbits a black sun. If I have to be seared by another yellow sun, I'll scream. Her hair felt heavy beneath the jewels and wires her Aunt Kyra had dressed it with, and once more she wished to pull her knee length hair free of its constraints.

A familiar presence brushed across her shields, and the half dragon turned back to the party. Heavy orange lamps lit the ballroom, the cooing and bedecked nobles swarming around her father. He wants power from this planet, and soldiers who could sneak into forbidden places, so he chose to charm rather than force.

More like coerce, or he wouldn't have had me bring the guys. El and I could have served as bodyguards, but he wants them to know he has only sheathed his claws for the moment.

The meaning of the five armed assassins had been understood. Only Morrigana remained without weapons; she was officially here as Lady Shalafae, wife to the new Emperor. Which meant she must be on her best behavior.

There was still a knot of high ranked nobles near the enormous glass doors, exactly where she'd left them. I'm an assassin, a fighter. I don't have the temperament to do all this banter, let alone listen to their lying tongues. How can Father listen to their flattery when he can clearly taste their fear?

The hybrid smirked, watching her cousin Elthanael follow a dusky skinned girl to a dark corner of the balcony. His smile was hungry, his eyes hooded, and Morri couldn't fault him. The girl looked like she'd be a handful, more than willing to use her charms on a famous assassin.

They really thought they could distract my men with these tramps. Do they not have telepathic linking of their own? Do they doubt the accounts of our speed? Watching the golden elf lock mouths with the girl, Morrigana felt disgusted at being underestimated.

Trying to change her mood, the woman watched as the girl untied Elthanael's lacings, exposing his long neck and chest, then burying her face against his throat. El's mouth parted as he clutched the little vampire to himself, his faint groan echoing across the coterie's telepathic channels.

It's been like this all night. One of my guys following some vixen off to the shadows to relax in their arms. If Deandra had been here, she'd have swooped on the first young man to smile at her.

If only it were as simple for me. I'm just too used to Father's touch, and no one else can give me those feelings. No one even has the same power he does. The dragon smirked, recalling some of the nobles she'd met this evening. Well, maybe some do.

As if the thought summoned one of the nobles, a footstep sounded on the gravel path. Morri swallowed, stiffening, a powerful aura brushing against her shields. She remained still on the bench, wondering if the man would walk past this leafy bower. Please let him pass by. Please let him pass by.

The crunching footsteps stopped at the other end of the bench, right at the edge of the alcove. Morrigana kept her face turned, swearing to herself, eyes on the twinkling stars. It took all her discipline to not glance at him as his presence invaded her aura. So strong, she thought, gritting her teeth as she fought to keep him out.

"What brings the charming empress out to this secluded garden"

The hybrid couldn't resist the flinch as his sultry voice filled her ears. I never think of myself like that. Empress. I'm Father's blade, not his co-ruler. He commands, I obey. I do not command others.
But others regard me as their empress. I must get used to this. He expects it of me.

"I heard there were some very unique roses that grow here." She turned her face from him, trying to affect Emperor Shalafae's disdainful air. "Unfortunately they are not in bloom."

His voice held his smile."But the most beautiful rose is blooming beside me."

Morrigana bit the inside of her lip, drawing herself up straight, her arms crossed beneath her breasts. "Do you make it a habit of flattering empresses?" The woman turned her body, putting her back to him. Were he familiar with dragon body language, he would understand she was dianding to be left alone.

Instead, he stepped closer, settling on the center of the bench. Morri bristled, letting her aura flare, trying to drive him away. "I count myself lucky to be able to flatter an empress. If only all empresses had your looks and strength." His voice dropped to a sultry caress, and his aura completely enveloped her.

She sighed softly, absorbing his energy, and he must have seen the softening in her spine, for he slid closer to her. His breath washed across her hair, more intimate than if he'd traced his fingers over her bare skin. "Most ruling ladies are so soft and weak. You are strong and alluring."

"Perhaps you should return to the party. I would hate for anyone to miss you."

He moved again, the silk sleeve of his shirt brushing the bare skin of her back. "We have both seen your men being seduced and led off by some very beautiful women." Morrigana had been aware of every dalliance. "There was even someone picked for you."

"Oh? Did I already snub him?" She glanced over her shoulder, feeling her pulse rise as their eyes finally met. "Or is that why you have sought me out, when I clearly wanted to be alone?"

His smile was wicked, hunger in his eyes. "I am not the one assigned to you. But I have planned to seduce you since I first laid eyes on you." Morri bit her lip as he bent his head, his lips a hair's breadth from her shoulder. "I do so hope you don't mind."

The dragon turned her head, her teeth digging deep into her lip. His aura was digging into hers, almost painfully, ignoring all her shields. So strong, so dominate. I wouldn't mind his seduction right now. Not at all. But is this really the place for it?

His mouth fell to her skin, and she gasped. He had given her a chance to say no, albeit a small one. His lips caused her nerves to burn, and she groaned throatily. Her entire body responded, pulse racing, and she moaned again as his hands slid around her waist.

His mouth moved up to her neck, his tongue darting briefly to her skin, and her hand flew up to the back of his head. She needed him, her body hungered for him, and be damned to propriety. Her fingers tangled fiercely in his hair, and she growled as she pulled him to her neck.

His hands gripped her hips, pulling her against him. Morri pressed her body to his chest, silk and leather stroking her skin. He kissed her neck softly, and she tugged harder on his hair. Her heart thundered, and she wanted to feel his strength inside her.

"I thought my empress wanted to be alone? I should return to the party before I'm missed," he said as he let her go.

The hybrid growled, rising from the bench, and turning in a swirl of skirts. She grabbed the noble by the shoulders, keeping him sitting on the bench. His eyes were amused, his lips flushed, and she laughed low in her chest. Morri dug her fingers into his shoulders, stepping forward to straddle one leg. She sat on his thigh, and leaned forward to kiss him.

"I am supposed to be inside with the hosts," he whispered when their lips parted. His breath tasted of wine and spices, and it was luring the half dragon back in to his sensuous mouth.

"Just do as your empress tells you." She bit his lip, and he gasped as her tongue invaded his mouth. She held onto his hair, drawing on his strength, feeding on him. His hands glided across her hips, along her sides, and his fingertips traced her spine. She turned his head, kissing along his jaw, moving along the edge of his shirt.

"What does my empress command?" His voice was husky, his hands kneading her skin. Morri ground her groin against his thigh, and they both groaned.

"Finish your seduction," she whispered fiercely in his ear. Then she gasped as his nails dug into her skin. He growled, reaching up for her hair, his hunger overwhelming her. Morri's heart stumbled, her mouth going dry, and she trembled in his grasp.

One hand finally gripped the curls of her hair, holding her tight, and his other hand slid to cup her butt through her dress. He was demanding and sure, pulling her close to him, drawing on her energy, touching her senses with his power. She wilted in his arms, her pulse throbbing in her ears, her skin tingling as his mouth found her neck.

With all the vampires around, all the faintly felt fangs she'd experienced because of her men, Morrigana had craved a proper feeding. Her father fed so deeply upon her, able to leave her a throbbing mess, and she desperately needed that right now.

His mouth opened over her vein, and she groaned, arms around his shoulders. His tongue traced the line of her pulse, his teeth grazing her flesh. Her loins clenched, her thighs trembling, and she pressed her neck against his mouth.

His hand clenched in her hair, holding her still, and he ground his leg up against her sex. Morri moaned weakly, biting her lip to hold her pleas in. The more he touched her, the more he held back from biting into her neck, the more she needed him.

His aura slid inside her defenses, and she whimpered, arching against his body. He held her hair, nails raking her lower back, and his presence seared her nerves. The woman cried out, her nails biting into 
his shoulders.

"Please," she whimpered desperately, shaking against him. Only old power like this made the dragon want to submit. She was completely his at this moment, and she wanted him to ravage her. "Your fangs, please." Morri's voice was high pitched and quivering, her bedroom voice that her men had never heard. She didn't think about them, or if they could feel her need. She though only of being fed upon and weakened.

"As my lady wishes." His voice was harsh, a whisper that expressed a need as great as her own. She whimpered as he kissed her earlobe, her cheek, her jaw, and she waited for his bite.

He dove for her neck with a hungry growl, and she gaped as his mouth opened over her vein. His teeth dug into her flesh, instantly bruising her soft skin. A cry rose from her chest, her gut and loins tensing, feeling the points of his fangs above the vein. He snarled, biting deeper, and her voice reached higher plateaus as skin was pierced, her blood flowing.

He fed greedily, drawing hard on Morrigana's heart, taking the blood of her flesh and the energy of her spirit, causing her to reel in his arms. Great gulps of her strength, the woman willingly parting with it, his heat pressing against her trembling flesh.

He broke his bite with a gasp, claiming her mouth as she cried out. He let go of her hair, cradling her lolling body against his chest. He ended the kiss, stroking her hair, and rocked the limp hybrid gently.
"I suppose negotiations were successful?" she asked him.

Alzair laughed softly, kissing her ear. "Yes they were, my child." He kissed her hair, both of them euphoric and craving the touch of the other. "They have accepted me as their emperor, and they will give me their shadow warriors." The Sidhehan squeezed her tight. "Get your men, let's go home."

"Sure." She smiled as he rose, standing them both on their feet. "Father? I love you."

"I love you too, Daughter."