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Monday, December 24, 2018

The Shalafae Archives - The Wedding

Morrigana's heart raced harder than during any battle, staring at the Lord Shalafae. Aunt Kyra stood close behind her. "You can't keep him waiting forever," the blond woman said.

The hybrid shuddered, clutching the bouquet of roses to her chest. Her father was staring into the mists, his slender back to her, milky hair decorated in the style of his people. Alzair looked wonderful in black and crimson robes, and love suffused her being at the sight of him.

Kyra touched her back, and Morrigana began her approach. The mists whispered with lost souls and potential realities. No better place for two Immortal Chaos Lords to be married than in the aether between dimensions.

This wedding had been a while in the making. Rebellions and wars and missing family, and delay after delay. Centuries had passed since he'd first asked her to marry him, but in no way had the wait diminished their love.

Kyra followed behind, holding the train of her dress. Shalafae's brother Shonogar stood to one side, holding a ceremonial knife. Elthanael stood on the other side, holding the rings on a blood red pillow. The elf wouldn't meet her eyes, but she could spare no sympathy for him today.

Alzair Shalafae turned, topaz eyes glittering. He wore his blue albino form just for her, just to make her smile. And smile Morrigana did. As she came to the dais, her father held out his hand. She took it, and stepped up in front of him.

"Morrigana," he whispered, smiling slowly. He radiated love, a burning passion to match her own. Thin fingers gripped her, shaking slightly. The hybrid couldn't believe he was this nervous.

"Father," she whispered back, tears suddenly misting over her vision. Plans had been finalized in the last few weeks, yet Morrigana still couldn't believe the marriage was happening. This certainly wasn't what she'd imagined when her mother first sought betrothals.

Had anyone imagined the dark and heartless Lord Shalafae would feel love, let alone take a wife?

Kyra moved to Elthanael's side, taking the bouquet, eyes half lidded. She'd helped Morrigana get ready, had been closer to the young woman in the months since returning from a sojourn, but there was still something cold between them. The hybrid had only noticed it since murdering Revkah, but they'd never talked about it.

She wouldn't let her aunt's mood detract from the wedding any more than she'd let Elthanael's mood do so. This was her day, and she would relish it.

Her father's eyes let her know how beautiful he found her. Morrigana's heart raced, and she blushed. Public displays of affection were rare, to be cherished. This much heat and passion and love was monumental.

The hybrid could think of nothing else, barely heard the ceremony Shonogar did. She mouthed the appropriate words, hands trembling in Alzair's grip. Her stomach churned, legs went numb, and her blood went cold. Pressure and nervousness built to the point she thought of fleeing.

Not that she would ever run from her soulmate.

Shonogar presented the ritual knife. The couple lifted their hands, laying their wrists along the blade. Morrigana's gaze locked in Alzair's, falling deep into his soul, opening and bonding herself to him.
They jerked down, slicing their veins. Blood spilled, pattering on the dais. Lost souls in the aether moaned, pressing close. Those strange creatures wanted the life the happy couple so freely wasted.

Alzair presented her with his bleeding wrist. She did the same, her dark blood quickly soaking into the silk of his robes. As one, they turned their heads, drinking from the wrist of the other.

Energy passed between the two of them. They'd fed on each other before, many times, but never as part of a bonding ritual. The ties went deeper, locking onto their hearts and souls.

Morrigana moaned. This was beyond mere pleasure. This was every intimacy wrapped in every rapture multiplied by their love. She reeled, losing touch with their surroundings, focused only on her father.

They were alone in a world of their own, free of cares or responsibilities. There was only them, and no need for anything more.

~I love you, my daughter. My wife.~

~And I you, my father.~ She surged with joy. ~My husband.~