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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Green Thumbin' It - Rampant growth

So, my stray orchid that I showed off last week is SO happy to have a loving home that she started to make a new flower spike off her old one. Unfortunately, said old spike is dying and has to be cut back. But it's a good sign that her health is returning.

Meanwhile, her roommate near the front window is making strong buds. He received orchid food today with his water, so that should keep his strength up. His way of showing how much he loved me bringing him home: he grew TWO new leaves in his first couple months on my sill.

I picked up an amaryllis from Wal-Mart in mid-December, because I liked the pot. I figured I could always move the bulb to something else, and give the pretty pot to another plant. She is a monster grower, and needs to be staked into position to keep those leaf blades from getting in the way.

And my marginata is branching like crazy. It stayed a nubbin for the longest time, as its partner is doing, but once it burst free, it began turning into a little tree.