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Monday, January 7, 2019

The Shalafae Archives - Fight

The camp was loud, rowdy, spirits high after weeks of fighting. Shalafae finished dressing, hair still damp from his bath. The war was over, and they could move on to the next planet.

Servants moved through the tent, preparing dinner. "Where is my daughter?" he asked of the first girl he grabbed.

"Unknown, Master." The slave kept her eyes down, trembling. So rarely did he speak to them it showed.

Ulrich released the girl, reaching for his daughter. Their bond pulsed, weakly. The fighting had been good, plentiful, but they hadn't been together. Fighting apart was no fun, and he'd been wearing down.

So had she.

Morrigana was with one of his generals, celebrating, intoxicated. She was supposed to have been in his tent, cleaned up, having dinner with him. Anger seethed, and Shalafae summoned his girl back.

She didn't come, didn't acknowledge him. Gritting his teeth, the emperor stormed out of the tent, shaking the aether with his call.

"What do you want?" she snarled, appearing near him. Morri still wore her armor. Stained in blood, wild eyed, she was reeling drunk. "I'm busy."

Ulrich's ire increased. "Too busy to attend your father?"

She took a swig from her tankard, tresses dancing in the night air. Her presence flooded the area, elated, hungry, full of fight. The camp began to react, emotions spiking, turning violent. "What's another fucking dinner? Won't mean anything when we're cutting through people tomorrow."

Morrigana wouldn't meet his eyes, kept drinking. Her shields remained up, keeping him at a distance. Purposely keeping him out. Him.

The air chilled as his anger took over. "Put that down and get in here. Right now."

Silence fell in the camp as she laughed. Attention was focused on them, but he was past caring. Ulrich was angered by her behavior, but not because it undermined him in front of his army.

He was angry because he'd allowed it to happen. Too busy with his conquest to see that his beloved needed him. Dragons thrived on violence, but they also thrived on their mates. Ulrich had been an inattentive husband.

Morrigana continued laughing, wings spread, tail lashing. Her aura was choked with stagnation; all the love and lust they hadn't been acting upon. The jaggedness of her presence cut at his heart. Stalking toward her, Shalafae knew the solution would be easy.

With his daughter's eyes still closed, he slapped her.

The change was instantaneous. Morrigana growled, her killing will coming to life. Shalafae's rose in response, smothering the camp. Normally calm troops screamed, running for the transporters. No one wanted to be around the royal couple when they were in such a state. Especially if they fought each other.

The hybrid didn't draw her sword, just crooked her claws and slashed. Shalafae raised an arm, blocking the attack, dodging away. The silk of his sleeve became ribbons, soaking up the blood that welled.

Growling, Morrigana followed him. Fangs were bared, eyes wild. He absorbed her anger, fed on it, channeled it against her. Her dragon nature was running the show, deadly and vicious. Shalafae dodged Morrigana's attack, arousal beginning.

She rose on broad wings, quickly turning around. The air shook with their fight, the last of the troops gone. Claws gleamed as Morrigana took another swipe. Shalafae grabbed her wrist, locking ki around her, twisting the limb.

The half-dragon landed, bracing, and jerked against his hold. She'd never given in to pressure holds, quickly healing any damage she took. Claws found his forearm, and he grunted as she dug deep. Then Morrigana slashed at his chest.

He kicked the side of her knee, breaking it, jerking her off balance. She battered at him with enormous wings, forcing him to close his eyes. She bit his hand, freeing herself, and he slammed her away with a wall of force.

The ground rumbled under Shalafae's power. Rocks flew, debris pummeling his daughter. She snarled, flapping high, diving back down. Kicks landed on his shoulders and chest. He grabbed her tail, jerking her off balance. Wings encased him, and she bit his thigh. He punched her shoulder, ki strengthening the blow.

Neither gave ground, neither reacted to the pain. They slammed each other, cut each other, bit each other. Blood coated everything, the planet itself shook, and the camp was trampled. He was more experienced, she fiercer.

He loved her for that ferocity, for her violence. She was beautiful in all that she did; that beauty was heightened by the blood and claws. His heart swelled his love, his manhood with lust.

Shalafae felt when she changed from anger to desire. He shared the same dark lust dragons did, brought out by fighting. His people may have forgotten their roots, but he revealed in this brutal aspect.

Grabbing for her, Shalafae opened his heart. Morrigana responded, their energy and love mingling, drawing their souls together. He cupped her face, pulling her into a kiss.

She clawed his arms, biting his lip, forked tongue lapping at his blood. He tugged her hair, knotting it around his fist, exposing her neck. With a snarl, he buried teeth in her soft flesh, breaking skin.

The fight left her entirely, changing to fuck. The hybrid moaned, hitching a leg over his hip, pulling him close. They each shook with need, and used their magic to disrobe. Frenzied, naked, they joined, entwined in passion.
Time passed, and they made love harder than they'd fought. Exhaustion finally claimed the couple, and they passed out in each other's arms. Morrigana smiled, kissing him. Their bond renewed, Shalafae felt complete.