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Monday, January 14, 2019

The Shalafae Archives - Lover

He looked up from his harp, surprised by the knock at his door. It was near dawn, his favorite time, the sun just teasing the sky with pinks and golds. The servants knew better than to disturb the elf, Gana and her father should be in bed, and the rest of the coterie never came to his quarters. Curiosity settled him as he crossed the room.

Elthanael frowned at his commander as she lounged against the door frame, eyes downcast. "Gana, what..." He let his voice trail off, empathy picking up on her sadness and frustration. "Come in," the elf said, stepping aside. The hybrid shuffled into his rooms, wrapping arms around her chest, heading straight to one of his over-sized couches. El followed her, waiting for her to tell him what was wrong.

Morrigana wore one of her half forms; silver skin and tail, but no wings or claws. Her tail lashed as she flopped amongst the cushions, her silver eyes closed. Elthanael settled on the arm of the couch, content to watch her, but dying to know what upset her. He hated seeing the half-dragon in pain and being unable to help.

She let the moment linger in silence, then reached one hand for him. "Sorry to intrude," she mumbled, taking his hand, pulling him close. Morrigana settled her head on his thigh, sighing contentedly.

"You never intrude," he replied, stroking her hair. The black mass was warm beneath his touch; it must still be full of blood from her last kill. The elf's stomach clenched pleasantly as he thought about her fighting, splashed in blood, her hair dancing around her face as it sucked up the sanguine fluid.

"I wanted to see you, and I know this is your private time-"

She sounded to be on the verge of tears. El touched her chin, turning her to face him. Their eyes met, and he saw pain in hers. "You are always welcome here, Gana-tii. I will never be upset to see you." He bit his lip to keep his continued thought to himself. I love when you come visit. Just seeing you is enough to make me cherish your visits.

The assassin smiled softly, closing her eyes again. "Thank you."

He ran his hands through her hair, wishing he could wake up smelling it every morning. Shalafae is incredibly lucky. "Do you want to talk about it?"

She sighed, her frustration radiating painfully though their empathy. El winced, caught off guard by the intensity of her emotions, but not wanting to cut himself off from her.

"I hate politics." Her voice was surly, her mouth petulant. The elf couldn't help but laugh, eliciting a glare from his commander. Elthanael tried to stop, but the more he tried, the more he laughed. "What's your problem?"

"Sorry, sorry, you just look so..." He couldn't think of an apt description. "Well, darling, you're pouting."

She burst out laughing, her mood breaking. Her fingers squeezed his, and she grinned, fangs flashing. She always keeps the strangest features. I'm surprised she doesn't keep the claws along with the fangs. "I guess I was pouting." The hybrid settled more comfortably into his lap, gazing at the designs carved in his ceiling. She chewed her lip, thinking, and the elf rubbed his thumb across her knuckles, waiting patiently.

"Father's embroiled in his empire, and it's taking all his time. Meetings, and plotting, and planning." Frustration leaked back into her voice. "He said he'd teach me how to play these games, but so far he can't be bothered. I can't even get to go out and kill." Her fingers crooked, her lips pulling down in a snarl.

El stroked her forehead. "Have you told him?"

Gana's anger grew stronger, projected by her own empathic abilities. "I tried. He's been ignoring me. I try to help, and he shoves me away. I try to be docile and quiet, and he abuses me. He doesn't come to bed, he doesn't confide in me, he doesn't use me as his weapon..." Tears rose in her eyes, her voice choking off.

He said nothing, merely touching her, letting her know that he was there. Always here for her. There's no where else to be.

The half-dragon sat up, clenching her fists, glaring out the windows. "I'm so bored, and it's not fucking fair. If I went out and did what I wanted, I'd get in trouble. I can't keep my mind on anything. I just-" Morrigana growled, standing up to pace.

"I just don't get it." Sadness replaced anger, making his heart ache. "I don't know what to do. Part of me is scared he's growing bored of me, but another part knows he still loves me." Gana wrung her hands, her bootheels clicking on the tile floor. Her restless frustration spread to him, and he stood, staring helplessly at her.

How do I help you through this? Neither of us will ever stand up to Shalafae, so it's not like we can force him to spend time with you. "We could go on a killing spree," he suggested softly.

Her hair, semi sentient, twitched around her as the half-dragon paused. El watched it pulse as she said, "I have. I've slain, I've hunted, I've feasted. I bathed in blood, I terrified mortals, I reshaped mountains. Nothing has made me forget my father is ignoring me. He's decided his empire is more important, and I'm suffering."

El strode forward, enfolding his commander in his arms. She was stiff, resisting him, but he kept hugging. "You will always be the most important person to me." He let his heart speak true for the first time in two millennia, and felt no regret for reminding her of his love.

Morrigana's tail lashed, flipping around their ankles, her body vibrating in his arms. "Elthanael," she whispered, "I'm not in very good control. Don't provoke me."

He tipped her head up and kissed her.

She resisted at first, then started to soften. Even without her kissing back, he cherished the moment, like he cherished every intimacy they'd had. Gana opened her lips with a sigh, her forked tongue meeting his.

The elf was forcefully thrown to the couch, Morrigana growling, her aura suddenly dangerous. Goosebumps rose on his skin, his breath catching in his throat. She stared at him with hunger in her eyes, fingers crooked. "Gana?" he asked breathlessly.

"No questions," she snarled, falling upon him. The elf groaned as she forced herself upon him, kissing him, her hands digging into his shoulder. She was growling beneath her breath, raising the hairs along his body. Strong thighs straddled his lap, clenching him tightly as she broke the kiss to nibble on his neck.

He sighed in pleasure, even as his thoughts screamed out warnings. El arched his neck up to her mouth, knowing the half-dragon's penchant for biting and feeding. She nipped the tender skin, keeping her fangs to herself. His hands rose to her waist, shaking as he slid them along her leather corset.

"What are you doing?" he whispered, letting caution pull him back from blind lust. As much as he loved and wanted her, he couldn't jeopardize their friendship.

Morrigana ground herself against his erection, reminding him she knew about his need. He tried to stop her, embarrassed by his reaction, and she grabbed his wrists. Elthanael's eyes went wide as she pushed his hands aside, gaze locked on his. "I was encouraged to take you as a lover, so I am going to have my way with you. Are you complaining?"

His heart stumbled. At that moment, she sounded just like her father. His mouth went dry, and he trembled, wanting to give in to her. "Are you sure-"

El cried out when she suddenly grabbed his hair, yanking his head back, rising on her knees to loom over him. Breathing frantically, he stared up, helpless, aching for her touch, yet scared to ask her for it. She tugged on his hair, making him cry out again, face set in an unreadable mask. "Do you want me to leave?" she asked, voice low. "I could always find one of the other guys."

His heart plunged, his blood turning cold. "Don't go," he said weakly. "Stay. Please." His eyes stung with tears as he thought about her walking away, about her sharing herself with someone who didn't love her like he did.

Gana released his other wrist, taking his throat in her hand. Her nostrils flared as she squeezed, cutting off his breath. "Are you certain?" Violence pervaded her aura, singeing his nerves, reminding him she was a dragon and a daughter of the Shalafae.

He would not leave this encounter unscathed.

Swallowing hard, throat bobbing against her hand, Elthanael laid his head back, eyes closing slowly. She drew a deep breath, shivering, and he felt her accept his submission. He gasped as she leaned forward, forked tongue brushing the edge of his mouth, not quite kissing him. The elf squirmed, daring to lay his hands on her thighs, still not believing this was really happening.

Licking his mouth, she started purring, taking his wrists again. He arched against her, trying to kiss her full mouth, letting her guide his wrists over his head. Morrigana laughed breathlessly, summoning magic to her will, and El found his wrists bound to the couch.

A moan fell from his lips, and she kissed him deeply. Fangs nicked his lips, her forked tongue probed deep into his mouth, and she ground herself down onto his lap. The half-dragon crooned as she bit his lower lip, drawing blood, sucking it between her teeth. His lips stung, his body shook, his heart racing.

Claws traced his arms, and El felt fear of the razor sharp talons. He'd seen Morrigana in action, knew how dangerous she was. He writhed as her claws found his neck, pricking at his pulse as her mouth continued to suck his lips. The contrast in sensation wrang a low moan from him, and he strained at his bonds.

Gana tipped his head to the side, her breath playing across his neck. Her sharp growl surprised him, and he stopped breathing as she tore his shirt open, claws raising painful welts on his chest. She gave him no time to adjust to the stinging pain of her claws before she struck. Sharp fangs dug into his neck, the half-dragon immediately drawing on his blood and energy.

His hips bucked, his wrists strained against the couch, and he cried out as his back arched. Every nerve sang as she pulled greedily, growling with each swallow. Her claws embraced his hips, and the elf distantly felt magic around them. El's thoughts were disjointed, and he reveled in the ecstasy she brought him. He'd had lovers that fed on him, but none this deeply. Being drained by his beloved commander was both rapturous and torturous.

She released the bite, kissing him as she impaled herself on his manhood. His surprised groan was caught in her mouth, and his eyes opened wide. He stared into her silver eyes, body shaking at the unexpected sensation of being inside her. She lifted her hips, drawing herself most of the way off him, and he bit his lip at the sudden lack of her. As Gana began to ride him, the elf turned his head, eyes squeezed shut.

Magic to bind me, to remove our clothes, to do who knows what else. Claws traced the bite mark, and he jumped, causing her to chuckle. This is more than I ever expected. It's more than I ever let myself fantasize about.

The hybrid was mouthing his neck again, moaning in his ear, tail lashing around his legs as her motion became more frantic. He ground up against her, sharing her sensations, her own pleasure bringing him to climax. Gana's talons dug into the back of the couch as she used it to brace herself, driving her flesh down harder on him.

Her voice rose in pitch, sending thrills down his spine. His vision started to dim as they reached climax, and he groaned as his body tensed. The two assassins quaked, orgasming as one. She grabbed his left arm, cruelly pulling it from the bonds, then sank her teeth into his flesh. Pleasure surged along his nerves, transmuting the pain of her bite. Even as she cracked the bone, the surge of white pain only raised goosebumps, and made made him groan.

Her flesh clenched around him, milking his orgasm, and her breath was ragged as she worried his collarbone. Just as the bite became painful, she let go, sitting back. Elthanael stared breathlessly at her, tingling and wasted. Blood ran down her chin, dripping onto his belly, joining the blood coursing from his wounds.

Morrigana touched the bite on his collarbone, and he felt the break throbbing, felt the burn where her teeth had ravaged him. "You are mine. You may heal this, but you will wear my mark," she whispered.

"Always," he replied. "Always and forever."