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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Series review - The Rain

The Rain is a tv series on Netflix, and I worked my way though it in pretty quick fashion. It's Dutch, and I found the dub wasn't too bad. Light sci-fi/post-apocalypse, it is really more of a character drama that revolves around the end of the world.

The first episode starts immediately with a killer virus spread via rain, and a scientist rushing his family to an underground bunker. He promises to come back, and the mom dies, and suddenly the kids are the main characters. Time passes, they're grown up, and now they're thrust into the savage world that has evolved in the wake of the rain.

I liked that the kids spent several years isolated before they ventured into the world. Was a plausible reason for them to know nothing about their new surroundings, and the time jump was done in a montage, giving the viewer an idea of what happened in the intervening years. Nothing is more annoying than simply cutting to "five years later", as if nothing interesting happened ever.

As the siblings travel with a group of survivors, aspects of the post rain world are revealed and built up, and I always had a feel of a dynamic world; events happened before and after they came through. There are revelations as to the nature of the rain, and some deeper conspiracies that should be played out in season 2.

A little slow, at times, but very much about the characters, and it will while away the time in an enjoyable fashion.