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Monday, February 25, 2019

The Shalafae Archives - Nothing says love

Bit of a time jump between Insurrection and this one. A few millenia, at least. Morrigana is offered the rule of her dragon clan, with the stipulation her memories are wiped. And this happens.


The moon gleamed on obsidian scales, highlighting the Takishidar rheksha as she glided above heavy forests. Morrigana beat her wings twice, gaining altitude, sighing mentally. This conclave needs to finish already, she thought, frustrated by politics. No wonder Mother abdicated. The dragon chuckled, tossing her head, the cold wind whistling around her horns.

It's so boring. All these treaties, and trade routes, and all the bullshit. I hate it. We should just fight it out, and take what we want. She lifted her lips, letting venomous saliva dribble between her sharp teeth. Chemicals reacted with the air, igniting the dragon's drool, trailing fire in strings along her chest. Why should I be nice just because the drakes are nice?

Morrigana tucked her wings, rolling to the left. She was one of the few dragon clans present at the conclave; dragons were more chaotic than their drake cousins, and were uninterested in politics and treaties. Layisha, former leader of the Takishidar clan, had wanted to be more progressive, and had entered her people into agreements with other races.

And I was foolish enough to keep them going. She beat her wings fiercely, racing for the sky. Most of these assholes don't understand strength or violence. Hell, they don't get it when I or Rhaeyhaes mock them. Morrigana thought about the flustered unicorn representative who was nervous being around her, even when Morri wore an elven form, and snorted. I should just leave now.

The thought tempted the dragon leader. She could send a thought to her consort, and they could both leave. Dragons don't belong here. Let those peace-loving drakes play nice. Rhae and I have much better things to do with our time.

She closed her eyes, letting her wings sag, losing altitude. But Mother said this was a test. I have to prove that I'm capable of leading. Morrigana hissed. Like I haven't been proving myself every day since she abdicated. I've done more than enough. The dragon continued to let herself fall, letting gravity pull at her anger as well as her body.

She'd nearly reached terminal velocity when she opened her wings. The wind filled her wings, stretching patagia to its limit, straining every joint, wringing a grunt from her. Morrigana watched trees rushing toward her, and pulled up, racing back to the sky.

A shadow waited for her, another dragon hovering above her. Morrigana thought it was her consort at first, then swiftly reconsidered. The dragon was her size, half the size of a regular Takishidar, but longer, more slender.

Growling, she soared past him. ~Why do you disturb me?~ Starting to circle the stranger, Morrigana recognized the matte black figure. ~Why have you been following me?~

He began circling in opposition, his eyes gleaming in the moonlight. ~Why shouldn't I follow a beautiful dragoness?~

Her growl deepened, lips lifting from sharp teeth. Morrigana had seen him around the conclave, always watching her, never participating in the meetings. He was mysterious, his aura powerful and cold, and she found herself attracted to him.

Conclaves full of peaceful and gentle creatures weren't good dragon mating grounds, however.
~Give your reasons or leave me be.~ No amount of attraction would cause her to forget her pride, or her place in dragon society. If this stranger wanted her, he would have to prove himself. To punctuate her mental words, she blew air threw her teeth, splattering flammable saliva around her muzzle. The little flames flared bright, then cascaded to the ground.

Two pumps of his wings brought him level with the rheksha. He was slender and narrow through his muzzle, with a long crest of horns. His scales were thick, but they laid flat along his body, leaving no rough edges. He was clearly dragon, fierce and brutal, but he was elegant like a drake. His mental presence slid smoothly along her own, and Morrigana's heart raced.

~It is simple. You are beautiful, and I want you. I will have you.~ He flexed his foretalons, pulling his head up in a dominant pose.

Her blood boiled, her nerves responding to his self-confidence. She'd yet to encounter a dragon who made her react in such a manner, not even her consort.

But she couldn't give in with only one spoken exchange.

Shrieking her challenge, Morrigana surged toward him, mouth open, talons crooked. She didn't think, just acted, seeking to draw blood.

He moved as quickly, backwinging, avoiding her razor teeth. He snarled, fangs gleaming in the moonlight, and snapped at her face. Their auras expanded, each trying to impress the other with how dangerous they were. Morri trembled at the touch of his power, immediately recognizing his superior strength. A purr entered her growl as she continued the fight.

Their teeth clattered against each other, their talons grappling, spittle flying and igniting. He flapped his wings to keep altitude, and she kicked at his belly with strong hind legs. He let her go, and she turned to race away, forcing him to chase her.

With a triumphant roar, he began the pursuit. She felt him, felt his lust and rage and danger, and she responded. Nerves danced, her insides clenched, and her body attenuated itself to him. Morrigana waited for him to claim her, her imagination running wild.

He started to catch up with her, his aura entangling her's. He nipped at her flank, and she rolled into a dive. He followed, growling, and she growled back. The forest blurred past them, the moon gilding their scales, the pair of them alone in the night skies. Volcanic mountains rose on the horizon, the rheksha guiding her potential lover there.

He was fast, dexterous, and not surprised by her evasions. He moved with her through the dive, his slimmer form allowing him to cut swifter through the air. She screamed defiantly, beating her wings frantically, desire goading her.

She faltered as he snapped, his teeth digging into leathery wing and sensitive fingerbone. She started to plummet, and he came with her, tearing patagia, kicking at her flanks. Morrigana rolled, turning on him, biting at his tail and wingtips, anything she could get near her mouth.

Her wings remained stiff as he kept both of them aloft, his claws finally digging through touch scales. Morrigana folded her wings, tucking her body against his. She clawed and bit, ravaging his neck and underbelly, but not going for the kill. She already knew she was going to let him mount her.

Didn't mean she wouldn't hurt him first.

His talons dug into her chest, and he shoved her away. Giving her stomach a furious kick, he pulled up, halting his flight, letting her go. The female dragon crashed to the ground, rolling out of control, slamming to a halt against a boulder. She winced, her right wing going numb, and struggled to her feet. He hovered above her, tail lashing the ground.

She was vulnerable, grounded, dripping blood from numerous wounds. Venom ran down her chin, igniting in a pool on the ground. Sides heaving, she kept her wings out, neck stretched to full length, attempting a defiant pose, knowing he saw through it.

He landed lightly, keeping his wings and head up, growling deep in his chest. Morrigana hissed in response, keeping her head up, struggling not to submit to him. His growl increased as he stalked forward, legs stiff. Her hiss grew louder, strings of fire flung with the force of it.

She cried out as he struck, his head darting toward her chest, teeth sinking into her shoulder, curving around her collarbone. Morri pulled away, he twisted, and bone snapped. She roared her pain with a gout of flame, narrowly missing her antagonist. Her right wing slumped, the collarbone shattered, muscles trembling as she struggled to keep it off the ground.

~Nothing says love like a broken collarbone,~ he said as he jumped behind her. Morrigana thrashed, causing further damage to her wing. He stepped on her tail, foretalons tearing her flanks, biting her neck and face as she turned. The rheksha turned her head sharply, gouging his face with her crown of horns. He hissed, fire strings falling along her back, and savagely bit her right shoulder. Her draconic scream rose sharply as he wrenched the joint, forcing broken shards of bone into straining muscles.

Pain turned to pleasure, and Morrigana finally relented. Her screams became purrs, and she tipped her head back, exposing her throat to him. He growled, taking her throat in his mouth, releasing her tail, slowly mounting her. His presence surrounded her, consuming her, entering her.

How can he feel so familiar? she wondered as their bodies slowly joined. How can this feel right, so perfect? Why is he the only one to make me truly submit? Their voices started to rise, snarling and crooning, blood coursing their scaly bodies.

Their sex was brutal, moreso than normal dragon sex. Morrigana's breath was taken away, her foretalons digging into the ground as he dug into her. His teeth dug into her neck, his tongue working at the blood as it welled. Her croon rattled from her chest, and he responded in kind.

Images started to dance through her mind, causing her to whimper as he continued to use her body. First, she saw herself through his eyes; imperious, beautiful, a weapon without a wielder.

~I will wield you again,~ he whispered into her head, flooding her with more images. She saw a young woman, tall, pale, with inky black hair. She saw the same woman, but with silver skin and wings. The woman fought with black swords, she loved an albino elf. She killed, she feasted, she hunted. She was worshiped, derided, attached.

The dragons started to climax, and she understood that every image was true, and they were all her. She roared at the moon, reaching orgasm as she reawakened memories.

Morrigana Shalafae found herself shaking in the arms of her father, panting and disoriented. She was back in her natural form, the one the elders had made her forget about, her tail flicking lazily. Lord Shalafae kissed the back of her shoulder, holding her in his lap, arms tight around her middle.

"Why now?" she asked, recalling everything she'd done in the last century. A century with no memories of her father or aunt, no memories of being a hybrid, no memories of the countless lives she'd ended in Shalafae's name. An entire century in which she'd been allowed to do what she wanted, including allow her memories to be hidden away by the elders of her maternal race.

His lips were soft against her ear. "Because I missed you, and I was tired of being alone." Morrigana giggled, turning to kiss her father.