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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Movie review - Backtrack

I enjoy a good ghost story that relies on suspense instead of jump scares, but that's not what Backtrack was. Instead, it was boring, predictable, and took a long time to get nowhere. Sam Neill provides good support, but Adrien Brody is too uncharismatic and drags the entire movie down.

Not that there's a whole lot to boost the movie. It's pretty obvious from the beginning that he's seeing ghosts, and that he's not remembering things the way he thinks he does. I knew what was going to happen at least three scenes before it happened, so felt no surprise at anything that occurred.

Brody figures out that his own guilt is making him see ghosts, and he figures out that they were all from this train crash in his hometown from when he was a teen. So he leaves on an adventure to figure out the truth and what he's not remembering, hence the title. He has to Backtrack to find out why they're haunting him. SO very clever...not.

The plot continues to plod along, with little reveals and twists coming at regular intervals. None of which are original, fun, scary, or that interesting. We finally get to the big climax, and then all things are better.

Except it wasn't any good, and it wasn't enjoyable. Pass this one up.