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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Movie review - The Uninvited

Another flashback brought to us via Netflix: The Uninvited is a psychological thriller about a girl trying to convince everyone else that her stepmom is evil. But maybe she's crazy. But maybe the stepmom really is a psycho killer. But maybe, but maybe, but maybe.

I've seen worse. Elizabeth Banks is a delight to watch as she plays the sometimes crazy stepmom. Emily Browning was just okay, but I think the woodenness might have been part of the character. No one wants to believe her when she says she's seeing ghosts, except her older sister.

You're not exactly guessing about what's going on, because the movie pretty much leads you by the nose through the plot. The twist at the end somewhat caught me offguard, and that wasn't entirely because I was doing two things at once. There were a few clues about what was going to happen, but they were perhaps a little too subtle.

Definitely a good filler movie, something to put on when you have nothing else to watch. It's absolutely not the worse movie of its ilk, though nothing new or unique happens.