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Monday, March 18, 2019

The Shalafae Archives - Hunting

Morrigana soared through the afternoon sky, hungry and restless. A white dwarf sun beat on her obsidian scales, and updrafts buoyed her massive body.

Her thoughts focused on a hunt.

Any hunt would do, just so long as she got to kill. The hybrid needed violence and blood and to tear flesh. Her insides twisted with need, and her mind refused to heel. Morri was lost in her primal side.

These urges weren't something anyone in the circle could help her with. None of them were half-breeds, let alone dragons. Her father had a certain savagery to him, but still didn't understand.

Many times, Morrigana didn't understand them herself. Perhaps she should have spent more time amongst her people.

The scent of blood and battle reached her sensitive nostrils. Saliva quickened, and she clacked her front talons together. Wheeling towards the source, Morrigana knew relief was at hand.

Not long after, the hybrid found the battlefield.

Several battalions of mortals skirmished amongst mechanicals, fighting hand-to-hand or with guns, shouting and dying. Not a shred of magic in the entire gathering, they would be unable to withstand her or her dragonbreath.

Circling overhead, Morri wondered if it was worth even one strafing run. Mortals and their toys were easy to destroy, and wouldn't take enough effort to relieve the tension in her heart.

One of the big mechanicals fired at her, making the dragon's decision.

Tucking her wings tight against her body, Morrigana dove. The projectile had gone wide, but the insult came from the assault itself. Narrowing her eyes against the rushing wind, she prepared a gout of flame.

Soldiers screamed as dragonfire engulfed them. Her napalm venom clung to every surface, burning dark and hot. Morrigana roared as she pulled out of the strafe and made a sharp turn.

Mortals that weren't being rendered by flames scattered and hid. Small mechanicals zoomed about, some trying to put out fires. The larger machines targeted weapons on her.

The hybrid held off starting her second run, using slow wingbeats to keep herself in place. Curiosity kept bloodlust at bay, demanding she study their capabilities.

Booms reverberated, and fire flashed as gunpowder forced heavy shells toward the half-dragon. Morrigana could barely track the movement, and acknowledged their amazing speed. Shields solidified around the assassin, preventing damage. Though by the feel of the impact, she would have instantly healed any wound taken.

Not that she'd give them another chance.

With a growl, Morrigana nosed into a dive. The soldiers had scattered, no longer providing an unified target, but the big mechanicals were cumbersome and slow. She plastered them in flammable venom as she passed.

Morrigana landed rather than make another strafe. Smoke stained the sky, and fire ate at everything. Mortals crumpled from breathing the toxic fumes, and small mechanicals melted in the heat. The skirmish would be over too quickly unless she got down and dirty.

Not that fighting six-foot-tall humans as a dragon was much more of a challenge.

Lowering her head and spreading her wings, Morrigana let loose a roar of challenge. The ground rumbled beneath the powerful note, and fighters covered their ears. On and on the sound went, rising and falling as her vocal chords trembled.

No one moved when she stopped. Venom trickled from her gaping maw, burning as it fell. Mortals stared in awe and fear, and Morrigana fed on their emotions, glad she had come to investigate.

Someone got over their shock enough to shoot her. The tiny bullet struck one of her chest scales, but was unfelt. Mortal weapons just couldn't harm an immortal like her.
Drawing her head up, the hybrid swiped at the soldiers with a front hand. Talons shredded flesh and metal, leaving destruction in its wake. Screams filled the air, and they all fired on her.

Morrigana chuckled, the raspy sound further terrifying the mortals.

She flipped a large mechanical over with one wing, then spat fire at its underside. Some of the smaller machines tried to flank the dragon, only to be smashed by a crack of her tail.

The carnage was over too soon. Morrigana surveyed the destruction, amazed none of them had tried to flee. Even though the slaughter had been swift, some should have at least attempted to get away.

Deciding mortals were curious creatures, Morrigana curled up amidst the wreckage to nap. A purr filled the air as she nodded off; the hybrid was currently sated.