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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Movie Review - A Simple Favor

When A Simple Favor came out in theaters, the trailers made it look like Gone Girl with a female protagonist. Which is fine, because Gone Girl is a great movie, but I didn't want to sit through another really long drama. So I waited until I could see it at home.

And wow, I really enjoyed it. This movie should have gotten more attention, because it was so good. I actually felt a little bad that I assumed it was just going to be a knock-off, because it really wasn't. I mean, there are some similarities, but it stands on its own.

Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively play off each other so well. One so sweet and nice, the other so brash and bitch-in-charge. They're funny, they're great together, and Kendrick is a delight to watch, as usually. This is probably my second favorite Anna Kendrick movie, just behind Mr. Right.

The mystery did keep me guessing as the plot unfolded, and in a very enjoyable way. My theories kept changing and adapting as new information came out, and I didn't feel cheated when something occurred that went against my expectations.

I loved the ending and how it resolved. Just some really good stuff.

Pick this up today.