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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Movie Review - Commando Ninja

80s action movies have their place in my heart, but I don't deeply love them or revere them. Perhaps they need to be taken down a peg, and Commando Ninja spoofs on them pretty well.

I watched it in the English dub, and I think that maybe added to the spoofy comedy of the whole situation. The voice actors were decent, but it did add an extra layer of cheese to everything that was going on.

Attempting to describe or summarize the movie is kinda pointless. The title tells you what to expect, because it looks exactly like something you'd have seen at a video store. If you're old enough to remember those. Mash together a bunch of 80s action movies, through in references to plenty of others, and you've got this story.

It's enjoyably cheesy, much in the vein of Kung Fury. It is even crowd-funded, and further proves that if you have a story idea, there is nothing stopping you from making your own movie.

And the writer does seem to pick the best parts of the 80s, crafting an over-the-top humorous flick that made me laugh out loud.

There's an after-credit scene that discusses a sequel, and I hope to hell they do! Also, get yourself a copy of Commando Ninja and watch it.