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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Movie Review - Mega Time Squad

I was told this was an indie New Zealand comedy about time travel, and that was enough to make me want to watch Mega Time Squad. It's refreshing to watch movies from English-speaking not-America. It's familiar but different, and can lead to some real fun.

The start of the movie is somewhat familiar. Loser dope is doing loser things, and all these bad things happen to him at once, prompting him to go to extremes to try and fix them. Get some cheap laughs at him being dumb, his friend being dumb, them getting deeper into trouble. Things start to get really bad, and John accidentally uses the time travel bracelet he stole.

And that's where the movie starts to depart from the familiar. Time travel creates a copy of John, at the time he activated it, while a second John relives the events that we just watched. He begins to team up with his doubles, and hilarity ensues.

As the group of Johns team up to set things straight, they manage to get both deeper into trouble and further from it. The story progresses, and becomes less of a comedy, and more of an adventure with some seriousness to the remaining movie. Not a full change into a drama, but just a little less humorous in reaching the moral.

Definitely enjoyable, and a neat expression on time travelling. Find it and enjoy for yourself.