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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Movie Review - Time Lapse

People find a camera that can see into the future and they use it for personal gain, but things go wrong? Really, Time Lapse, you were already sounding a little boring to begin with. Hope you can pull it off and show me something fun.

Spoiler: You do not.

I'm a firm believer if someone has a story, they should tell it. I just also think they should put their own unique spin on it, give the viewer something different.

Instead, Time Lapse is mostly predictable and kind of boring. The characters are neither believable, nor was I able to connect to them. The actors are somewhat more animated than wood, but calling them actors is more of a formality than true profession.

The functioning of the camera is yada-yada'd in an attempt to focus more on the characters and their drama, but the characters are no fun and lame. Conflicts are contrived, people are irrational, and the ending is kind of a no brainer.

I suppose the "twist" ending was the writer's attempt at putting a unique spin on the whole tale, but it's so ludicrous because it depends on a character being stupid and not understanding how the camera works. Either that, or the writer forgot how the camera worked and genuinely thought the behavior was the correct course of action.

The movie is pretty crappy, but makes some background noise. Might be fun to riff on with friends, but not to be watched in any serious form.