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Friday, August 9, 2019

#FridayFlash - Dinner Service

Something a little racy. Get that blood flowing.

The evening air carried the scent of jasmine and roses into my room. Moonlight streamed through the window, promising a beautiful night. I should be out in it, hunting, but I had no motivation to rise from my bed.

My favorite part of immortality was the freedom from time. I could be lazy if I chose, simply enjoy being undead, because there would always be another night to do whatever needed doing. Even feeding wasn't a priority, would happen when it happened.

Stretching languorously, I rolled away from the window. This wasn't a night for staring at my garden. I wasn't sure what I wanted, even after an hour of lazing, just that it didn't involve the terrace.


I sat up, not recognizing the man's voice. He stood in the doorway of my bedroom, lost in shadows so deep even my heightened senses couldn't see. He sounded grown, though not yet fully hardened into a man. I drew in his scent, intrigued by his sudden presence. "Come into the light," I commanded.

He hesitated briefly, though not from fear. Rather, nervousness. As if he didn't want to fail me. I tipped my head, staring, salivating.

Moonlight caressed him with loving silver. Tall, with a slender build on the verge of lithe strength, and soft brown curls surrounding an angelic face. He wore the livery of my house, right black pants and a suede vest, and it hugged every plane of his body like a second skin. He moved with a mix of caution and confidence, placing his hands behind his back when he stopped.

I surged out of bed and circled him with vampiric speed, my jaws aching with sudden need. His smell was both masculine and delicate, like the heady perfume of a rose about to bloom. I groaned, wondering what he tasted like. Mustn't go too fast, ruin the moment.

He attempted to suppress his fear, but I saw the tiny flinch, felt his heart start to race. "I was told to see if you required dinner."

I groaned low in my throat, stalking around the young man. My majordomo knew exactly what he was doing when he sent this delightful youth to my chambers. "Did he tell you what to do if I said yes?" I refrained from touching him yet, letting the hunger build and crawl through my system.

He said nothing, simply removed his vest, then knelt with his hands behind his back once more.

A groan escaped me as a flush raced across my skin. I finally laid hands on him, and another groan rose. He was almost hot to the touch, and he shivered as I stroked his shoulders and neck. Sensitive fingers felt every goosebump, every pulsing blood vessel, every tiny flush and shiver he attempted to hide.

I grabbed a handful of his hair, yanked him back to look into his face. He met my gaze briefly, but that second was all I needed to see the green gems of his eyes. Long lashes rested on his cheeks when he closed them, and a sigh fell from his parted lips.

Keeping his head pulled back, I move around his kneeling form, running nails along his soft skin. Hunger surged inside me, threatening to take over, to drive me into a frenzy. Best not to wait much longer.

I join him on my knees, bodies a hair's breadth apart, and bask in his warmth. His heart pounds, his pulse visible in his neck. Soon it will be mind, will race against my lips, will pump that exquisite life into me.

He whispers a single word, and it ignites an inferno in my chest. "Please."

Growling, I pull him toward me. He sighs again, then whimpers when I lick the hollow of his throat. The flavors of soap and youth and man and desire dance across my tongue. My growl deepens, and I plunge fangs deep into his neck.

The richness of his blood carried me away on a tide of bliss, and I was glad I hadn't gone out hunting.