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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

New Release - BEYOND

BEYOND is the fourth book in the Dark Drabbles series, and I have five wee stories inside. Not much of a surprise that I enjoyed writing about death and the realms beyond and ghosts and more.
If it IS a surprise, well I guess you've just learned a little bit more about me.

"Little Brother" was fun to write, because while my parents were supportive, I know not everyone else's were.

"Ghost Hunter" is a sequel to Cleansing, though I wrote it first. Which sorta makes it a prequel, even though it takes place after the events, but I wouldn't have made up the character without it....

"Answering Prayers" is a little bit of the justice only death can bring.

"River Lethe" really suggests it all with the title alone, if you know your mythology.

"Resurrection" preys upon the grief so many feel in order for me to create a snippet of horror.

Pick up your copy today, and let myself and the other authors know which are your favorite stories. Not only did WE all work hard on creating them, but the crew at Black Hare Press have done a lovely job at putting this anthology together.