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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Deep Space - new release

Another anthology released today, but this one is a little more special to me than some of the others. Not just that it's scifi, or a little Lovecraftian, but because it's the first short story of that length I've written in a long time. If ever.

I'm pretty sure the only one this long I've gotten published.

For those who don't know, I had a nervous breakdown in regards to my writing a handful of years back. Didn't pick up the pen for a long time, didn't even think about writing.

I finally started toying with writing again, though I was frustrated by how bad the attempts were. Finally made the plunge, and just started writing flash fiction again. Then pushed it a little farther and started putting links on Twitter, and finally tweeting little microfictions.

Twitter is where I found Black Hare Press's call for drabbles. I figured I couldn't suck too bad in 100 words, and tried my hand at them. Even better, I was accepted!

So why shouldn't I try my hand at a short story over 5k words? (For non-writers, that's a lot of pages.) I didn't know if I could, if I would be able to use enough words and description to meet the minimum, especially in the science fiction genre. But the attempt was all that mattered, and I sent off my little tale without any thought of acceptance.

Meaning I shrieked like a little girl when I saw my name and congratulations in the same sentence.

To say I've regained my confidence is an understatement. I feel a bit like my old self, like I am a good storyteller, like I have a voice worth sharing. Like every open call that catches my eye is a challenge that I'm worthy of taking on.

I'm in good company in this anthology, and you might find many stories to enjoy.