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Friday, October 11, 2019

#FridayFlash - Potions

Gillan licked her lips, drumming long nails on the table as she stared at the human sitting across from her. She wasn't the only dark elf in Ashheim, but it was still uncommon for them to be seen here in the mage quarter.

Even if every human mage needed what she had.

Drum. Drum. Drum. She glared at him, waiting for him to ask. Gillan was all for profiting off the weakness of humans, but she would never suggest one of her many elixirs. She preferred that they swallow their pride and utter the words.

He finally lifted his eyes, though their gazes never actually met. "Kell said you have...the blue..." His voice shook, as she imagined his hands did.

Gillam smirked, sharp teeth pricking her lower lip. There was only one mix in her possession that was referred to as blue, but she wanted to watch him squirm more. "The blue what, little one?"

Sharp senses picked up the increase in his heart rate. He licked his lips, drew a breath, and whispered his request in a rush. "The blue faerie juice. Please. I need it."

"Are you sure you want that one?" She leaned forward and locked eyes with him. The man tried to look away, but he couldn't escape. "That one's very powerful."

He trembled, mouth working silently, and the moment drew out. Gillan judged him to be several decades old; middle-aged for a human, but not quite an adult for many races. Living and working near so many spellcasters with stronger powers and more years to perfect their skills took a toll. Gillan served many humans as desperate as this one seated across from her.

"Sell it to me," he finally snapped. "I have a summoning to complete, and I will need two vials now, and two more by the new moon." He met her gaze with desperate strength, though his heart continued to race.

Gillan tilted her head, short black hair sliding across her forehead. The dark elf held his gaze, licked her lips, and waited for another heartbeat before leaning away from the table. She reached for her pack, and the man relaxed.

"I'm pretty sure I have two vials with me," she drawled, rooting through the contents. She knew exactly where the elixirs in question were located, but it was more fun to make him wait. "But if you want two more so soon..."

"How much more?"

Gillan smirked to herself, retrieving one of the vials. Like so many other customers, his only concern was the cost. Not if she could get two more on such short notice. Not if he could handle that much faerie juice in quick succession.

Not what the blue sparkling goo was made of.

"Four gilt for these," she said, laying them on the table, covering them with a long-fingered hand. "Seven for the other two, and I'll have them the day before the new moon. No sooner." She stared at him with one lifted brow.

He swallowed hard, lowering his gaze, and finally nodded. "Where shall I meet you?" His purse jingled as he fumbled for the gilt pieces.

Coins clacked onto the table, and he withdrew his hand. Gillan picked them up and slipped them into her pouch without checking them. A single touch was all she needed to verify authenticity, the metal responding to her presence with a hum.

"I'll see you at lunch," she said, rising and slinging her pack over her shoulder. "Best of luck with the summoning."

She needed to hurry home and get her faerie friends to blow their noses a lot before the new moon.