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Friday, December 6, 2019

#FridayFlash - Woman's Best Friend

Momma always told me never to trust no one who didn't like dogs. Figured they was either weak or wicked, and neither were the type an honest elf like me would want to deal with.

Facing down with some zealots, I learn there are some people as are a bit of both.

Their leader points a filthy finger at me, eyes all ablaze with anger. "You shall burn, elf witch, for consorting with the Devil's beasts."

My triplet corgis give their silent snarls, hackles up and high, standing shoulder to shoulder before me. Small and stout, loyal and loving, they're smart enough to recognize a threat on the horizon.

I just glare at the small pack of men, towering over them, surprised at how short they are, even for humans. "If y'all kindly want to move aside, we'll be on our way." I don't reach for either a my swords, but I'm aware a their weight on my hip.

The leaders spits, face turning red. His men grumble behind him, shifting and stirring, looking mighty anxious to do bad things upon my carcass. "Foul temptress. Cover your hair and your shape if you wish to go unmolested."

Adelaide, my best bitch, takes a step forward, voicing her serious growl. She ain't having none of his yak scat, especially the part about him trying to enforce his ways on me.

Men sneer and step back, disgusted but quick to brandish their cudgels at us. "The harlot allows the beast to attack." They're working themselves into a frenzy, screwing their courage up, getting their blood hot enough to attack me and my pack.

I lay a hand on a sword and lay a harder glare on the pack a grumbling zealots. "Y'all probably ain't gonna like what happens if y'all don't let us by." My voice dropped, all low and growly like one a my corgis. "Consider this y'all's last warning." Adelaide growls again for emphasis.

They're clearly too dumb for their own good, and too lost in some oppressive ideology, and they've finally got themselves all lathered up and ready to fight. A couple a them make the charge, screaming in their native tongues, getting themselves within range real quick.

Adelaide, Margot, and Trina took one man out at the knees, mauling him, keeping his hands busy, and finally going for his throat. He got to scream once before they killed him.

I draw my sword and slash the throats a the other two in a single move, stepping past their falling bodies before they was even fully dead. My sword flashes as I swing at their leader, blood flying off the edge.

He screams and falls back, pushing his followers at me. They ain't got a chance, and between my blade and my corgis, they all die pretty quick. Some a them we leave screaming, bleeding out and clutching at their wounds, not bothering t give them mercy.

Finally, it's just the four a us and him as made the stupid proclamation. He blubbers and crawls away, having fallen to the ground and wet himself. My corgis press closer to him, all snarls and snaps but holding back.

I loom over him, pointing my sword right in his face. "Maybe you ought learn yourself some respect for other people and their cultures."

One slash and he's blinded. His screams follow as we move on, and I hope maybe he'll tell his others to leave elf girls and their dogs alone.