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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Movie Review - Code 8

It was one of the IMDB reviews that convinced me to give this a try. Basically said that it doesn't add anything new to the superhero genre, but that it doesn't have to when it's trying to show them as normal people. In that, Code 8 is mostly successful.

But where it failed was in trying to be an allegory for the plight of the African American/Immigrant worker in modern America.

As a movie about people struggling to cope with their powers, the biggest flaw comes from using a backstory that is based on real people without powers. It's like, ghettos are terrible, but if the former slaves had the ability to channel electricity and heal, it is doubtful that the situation would ever have gotten out of hand. The writers missed a chance to explain how the powers became the oppressed group because they were too busy trying to disguise what they trying to talk about.

At least, that's what I saw while watching the movie. I saw struggling minorities forced to sell drugs and work under the table while being oppressed by the police and government, and all they wanted to do was live their lives and take care of their families.

Not sure how I feel about this, nor about if I think it's worth watching. It doesn't do anything new for super powers. It doesn't do anything new for discussing sociopolitical topics. It doesn't provide solutions or hope or answers, or anything like a successful resolution for either topic it wanted to tackle.

So, I guess, if you just take it at face value, it's a so-so movie that will pass the time. If you take it for deeper meanings, then it's just not that good.