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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Movie Review - Girl Most Likely

Kristen Wiig is a funny woman, and, as an author, I can totally sympathize with a struggling writer, so this seemed like something I might enjoy.

Instead, I found myself chuckling just a couple times and mostly wondering why the hell I was still watching it.

From the get-go, the character of Imogene is unlikable. The movie starts with a flashback of young Imogene yelling at her drama teacher about how provencial The Wizard of Oz is, as if this is to show how precocious and intelligent and above her silly New Jersey "peers" are.

Then cut to Wiig being out of place amongst New York high society artsy types, and the movie just keeps going downhill from there. The character is so abrasive, selfish, self-centered, and "better" than everyone else, and she never really learns to become a better person. She still wins in the end without really seeming to become less of those flaws.

My authorness was also upset because Imogene seemed to want to be one of those high art literary playwrights, really sinking teeth into the truths of life, and being hard to comprehend. Even when she gets out of her own way and starts writing again, she's still pushing those kinds of plays. Not working on being entertaining, or trying to be approachable, so that turned me off personally.

Some clearly find this movie funny and worth watching, but I would warn you away from it. It's actually kind of sad and depressing.