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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Movie Review - VFW

I like Stephen Lang AND horror movies, so this movie hit all the right buttons for me before I even put it on. Then I saw it was from Fangoria, and expectations fluctuated. Surely this would become a gore-fest without much substance.

Pleasant surprises abounded.

Yes, there was plenty of gore and graphic violence, but there was so much actual character and story to this that I almost forgot it was supposed to be a horror movie. Through many scenes, I thought I was watching a drama about veterans and their struggles.

There wasn't a disconnect between the concepts, though. The horror worked well with the drama, and the drama gave a reason for the violence.

Plus, there was just enough cheese and camera work that made me feel like I was watching an 80s movie. In all the best ways, of course. It takes real talent to capture the feel and have a more modern story.

I'm putting this on a must-watch list, and think you should too.