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Monday, May 29, 2023

Have you heard...

 ...of the critically-acclaimed MMO-RPG Final Fantasy XIV? Well, I did, and it bit me hard. I love it. Love the characters, love the story, love the gameplay.

And I love making pictures in it too, it seems.

Yes, there's the fanfiction I'm writing. Much of it not safe for work, but one does enjoy some heat now and then.

But I've also been taken by making visual stories. Gpose is amazing, and I get a kick out of making photo sets. They often tell their own story, or at least hint at them.

Which lead to me also making my own poses, for others to use. Because (as I was reminded) not everyone has the same skills I do to put a scene together.

So, I've started uploading them on XIVModArchive. Some day I'll add Glamour Dresser, when I'm feeling less lazy.

More to come, always!



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