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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's my birthday

Not yet, anyway.  May 14th is the big day.  Not that 31 is a special year, or anything.  It's just my first birthday since my book release.

In honor of both events, I'll be giving away some cool stuff.  Like, two autographed copies of my book, and some neat (weird) blood drop bookmarks.  Maybe some other stuff if I pick it up in the next month.

Just tell me about your first vampire experience.  After my birthday, I'll randomly pick the winners.  So you have plenty of time to tell your friends, and spread the news, and everyone can tell me about their first vampire.


My first vampire experience is technically the Bunnicula series.  He is a vampire rabbit.  It counts.

But not really.

Truly, my first vampire experience was the movie, Bram Stoker's Dracula.  I was twelve or thirteen, with some rough shit going on in my life, and I saw it with my mom and brother.  I hadn't really been into vampires before then; I'd grown up reading sci-fi, and animal stories, and was just getting to fantasy.  I might have read Salem's Lot by that point, but I don't think so.

So here was precocious me, not yet knowing I had a dark side, watching Gary Oldman in awesome costumes being awesome.  I loved it, and felt sorry for Dracula, and didn't understand why love would kill him in the end.  I thought if she'd really loved him, she would have nursed him back to life so they could live together.  I still think that.

After that, I started getting more into vampires.  It was Interview with the Vampire and The Vampire Lestat that really brought me over.  Lestat, especially.  He was dark, and cruel, and callous, and not human.  There was something great about him in his book, something very lovable hiding beneath the stone exterior.  I felt I could understand him, and his reveling in the power he'd been granted.  I felt he just wanted to be loved, and needed someone strong enough to keep up with him.

And that's how I started my love affair with vampires.


  1. OMG! Yes, it was Bunnicula for me, too...THE CELERY STALKS AT MIDNIGHT.

    Actually, that I think about was probably the Count from Sesame Street.

  2. Oh my goodness ... the Count from Sesame Street! Me too! ;) Aside from him though ... not many others until ... well ... you know what series. ;)

  3. Tsk! My first vampire was a real vampire. :-)

    It was Frank Langella, as Dracula (1979). Yes, I'm that old! My brother-law thought it was hilarious the way my eyes dilated every time Dracula appeared on the screen. Lord, I love a man in a cape!

  4. The Count of Seasame Street, the Bunnicula series . . . yes, I remember them well. Yes, Lestat is the one that really brought me over to vampire literature, but who couldn't love Lestat? Me, I have a short attention span, so I do short stories. The collection Blood Is Not Enough is the best. The Sea was Wet by Gahan Wilson is my favorite in the book. This short actually suggests that the walrus & the carpenter of Alice and Wonderland are vampires. Very spooky and wonderfully written. I also loved Lazarus and Girl with the Hungry Eyes, but there's no losers in the series. If you think you've read everything vampire, pick up this one.

  5. I don't know where I what I was doing in the 80s but I missed the Bunnicula series. And to be honest the Count from Sesame Street got on my nerves! The first vampire books I read and really got into was the Last Vampire by Christopher Pike, followed by the Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith. (Yes, those books were around 15 years ago!) What can I say, I was a teen very interested in teenage things.

  6. There were so many and I honestly do not remember what one vamp did it for me, but the movies "Once Bitten", "The Hunger", and "Interview With The Vampire" (Louis did it for me)were at in least in somepart the catalyst for my love of all things vampire. My parents were VERY careful of what I was allowed to read until I was in high school, but I could watch movies at friends houses. In high school I was into books about ghosts, witches, and of course vampires. In college I took Vampires in Literature (best class ever) and was voracious to read more... And now I have read Anne Rice, LJ Smith, Stephenie Meyers, Christopher Pike, Charlaine Harris, PC and Kristen Cast, Richelle Mead, and so many others.

  7. My first vampire encounter was just like a normal day i guess. i was at a ranch in cabazon california. he had asked me far a smoke. i noticed his skin was a little pale for the desert we were in but didn't pay much attention to that as there is a casino not too far off and he could have been passing through. i stood outside and smoked with him for a while and during the course of the conversation i made him laugh. that's when i saw the fangs. now i wanted to ask him about those long beautiful incisors right off but i am sure that he would have been put off by that. so instead i asked him were he was staying and he said he had just moved to town and was looking to stay a while. i told him he was welcome to come by for a plate of food and a little benign conversation but he said he was good. i saw my opportunity slipping away to ask about the unusual set of fangs that found their way into his head so i decided to go for it. i said hey, i meant to ask you about those fangs(it was hot that day and i was fresh out of subtlety) he kinda smiled and looked down then up as i awaited what i perceived to be either a polite lie or rude remark. i got neither. he looked me in the eye and said i don't like to talk about those. i was a bit thrown off because that was not exactly the response i had expected. so i made a joke about me not being worried about him being a vampire as it was summer in the desert and 3pm. he responded with the seriousness of his previous comment and but this time with a question. how did i know that the day light would harm him if he was a vampire? he asked and i responded with a blank stare and look of expectation hoping to summon a little more of a response from him. a minute or too passed and he stood his ground patiently waiting for my response.finally i caved and spoke, "wouldn't matter if i did know what did or didn't effect a vampire i would never know for sure i had met one unless they proved themselves to me anyway so i have no one to ask and other than the authors of the many books out there there is no one too tell." he opened up a little and our talk of vampires as a general topic continued with him stating tha vampires most likely enjoyed their annonimity and stood to reason that if they ever did reveal themselves that it would just lead to a lot of questions that they may or may not even be able to answer. i agreed and followed with, not me i like to be the one man alive who knew something for sure. knowing the hows and whys is no more interesting to me than understanding how or why a magnet works. it works, i know it, that's always been enough for me. he said he doubted my resolve and thought that if a person told me that they were indeed a vampire i'd want to ask too many questions to count. i assured him that if the proof was beyond question the vampire would be too. he then asked for me to watch carefully as he was only going to do this once. in a quick motion he pulled out a little keychain knife and said "nothing is free, watch closely" he then slit his arm from wrist to elbow. and began to growl in pain. but as i watched the flesh mended itself, slower than hollywood but faster than anything i had ever seen. within about 30 seconds the bleeding had stopped and over the course of the next few moments (sorry i didn't time it) the wound had sealed itself completely. no scar tissue to be seen. he said now time to pay. i said look dude i'm broke. he said not money, it cost me blood to show so it must cost blood to see. he then ripped my shirt with one hand and cut my cheat with the knife. he pinned me to the ground a sucked my chest. after the shock of what had just happened set in i realzed that the pain was slight and that he had not cut me very deep. only enough to draw a little blood and allow him to drink a little. and so i made another joke. i said dude i'm not gay but if your gonna suck on me could ya go a little lower.

    signed, gwark

  8. I'm probably dating myself but my first vampire experience was watching the original Dark Shadows series on TV. My brother even had the Dark Shadows board game.

  9. I really got into paranormal books about 3 years ago, before then I kinda just jumped around genres, but nothin ever grabbed my attention so much that I read all the books I could in one theme or genre. But when I discovered Laurell K Hamilton, I was hooked and I went out and bought the whole series. And I gotta say I have a "thing" for vamps now. I really love how so many authors are writing paranormal romance now, esp. ones that were stricley romance or whatever that are doing it now. All the different vampires with all the different traits and histories. I love it. I like Lynsay Sands vamps, and Kerrelyn Sparks, The sookie series is good too =. There are like way too many to list, but I do so enjoy reading them, and I love finding new authors and reading there books, especially when the series is long, or they have a lot of books out that way I can read all they have written. I have actually never heard of u. Sorry :( Buy I read your exerpt and I liked it, so I am going to check out your blog and hope I win a copy and if not, then I guess I will have to order one :) Thanks for the chance!!!

  10. I cannot recall my first vampire encounter . . . probably seeing Count Chocula on his cereal box. I'm going to give away my age to say there wasn't much mention of vampires in general from pop culture during my childhood. Instead, the buzz was all about Dracula. Bela Lugosi captured my attention and as a teenager I relished finding a copy of Bram Stoker's book in the library. I still remember my fresh enthusiasm, staying up into the wee hours devouring that volume. Mystified, I wondered if a Count Dracula did actually exist in history and dreamed of Transylvania. Newer versions of vampires are entertaining, but still the elusive legend of Prince Vlad captivates me.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear friend Raven. May you receive many bites and kisses.

  11. I think Lysday Sands introduced me to my first Vampires in books. Then came Moonlight and Twilight and I was hooked!


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