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Thursday, October 7, 2010

What would I do different about my debut?

I'm not big on double posting, but talking about my book going to the Nook isn't really a post.

I was recently asked on Twitter (by @JanalynVoigt) what I would differently about my debut, if I could.

Honestly, I would never go with a publisher.  I would self-publish all the way.  Keep the control, reap the benefits, make my own way.

Granted, I learned a lot because of the publisher.  I had never looked into the publishing industry before, or thought about marketing myself.  Those have been valuable lessons.

But, really, the majority of the work has been done by me.  My guidance was minimal, just shoved in the general direction.  I've learned more from fellow authors, and places like the Indie Book Collective.

So, I'd be way indie from the start.  I would make my stumbling, bumbling start with no one else profitting from my work.


  1. Just came across your blog thanks to a fabulous guest post at another blog!!! I'm a new follower and look forward to your future posts!

  2. Well thank you kindly. I'm all about meeting new people.

  3. Wow! Your response to my question was not what I expected. Self-publishing does seem more feasible nowadays. The walls are coming down between readers and writers. I think the main thing publishers add anymore is distribution and fulfillment.

  4. Janalyn, agreed. It's nice that publishers can get books into book stores, but even those have drawbacks. Lack of space, placement issues, returns.

    The thing I like the best about self-publishing is the control. You can choose the price, the cover, the sites you submit too. I just put my short story collection on the Nook; my publisher hasn't said anything about it yet.

    It's kind of like a digital revolution, and I enjoy being part of it.

  5. Wow thx so much for the Indie Book Collective props! We just started about one month ago tho between the three of use we've got a wealth of experience we hope can help authors like yourself to market their books.

    Our two other founding members, @WritingNoDrama aka @CristynWest as well as @KaitNolan have both indie and epublished so please refer to their articles on the site as well as their streams and blogs. I'm at the WIP stage myself but you can find tips on social media and see how I market my writing by checking out my blog (I see you are following me now--thx for that :))

    We offer free social media workshops for writers (the next open one is this Saturday 10/16 4:30pm PST) though there will be plenty more. We're also opening up a community board so writers can share their stories and learn from each other.

    Thanks Raven and best of luck with your books!

  6. Of course, AFTER I dm you on Twitter, I see the date. 8P

    I got more out of the Indie Book Collective in two hours of reading than i did in months of trying to talk to my marketer.

    You can bet I'm going to come learn from y'all/


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