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Friday, June 19, 2009

Time's a flyin'

June sure is passing by quickly. Almost surprisingly fast.

It doesn't help that it hasn't broken a hundred here yet. It's been all mild, and spring-like. It was supposed to warm up today, and start approaching real highs, but I don't think it managed to. This global warming thing sure is a bitch, eh?

I have another month of waiting to hear back from a publishing company about my book. THAT seems to be moving slow enough.

My snake has shed three times since I got her. She's a ravenous baby, and I'll keep feeding her as long as she keeps eating. When she's really pissy, she acts a lot like a rattlesnake; lifts her head off the ground in an S-curve, and just strikes and strikes and strikes while rattling her tail in the dirt. She's also finally big enough that I can feel her teeth when she bites. I love little Flash.