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Monday, June 8, 2009

Work ethic

I am SO the last person to complain about a work ethic. If I didn't like to eat and play games, I wouldn't work. I hate working. I hate being dependant on a job for money. It sucks.

But I understand that in order to get money, I need to make concessions to my job. Like a dress code, and attendance, and other "little" things.

But twice in the last three days, I've heard people complaining about the little things they have to do for dress code. One was a kid overheard in the food court of the mall. "And they wanted me to take my piercings out, and put bandaids over the holes." He sounded disgusted, and surprised, and like he was somehow entitled to do what he wanted.

The other is one of my co-workers here who thinks he shouldn't have to wear khaki pants because some of the big-wigs are coming through the call center. He doesn't even think he should have to wear a button-up shirt with his non-tattered jeans.

Because it's such a strain to wear khakis now and then, right?

I seriously don't understand people who feel entitled to do whatever they want, and can't possibly bend even a little for a job.