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Thursday, October 8, 2009

October blog chain

So, here we are again, with Absolute Write's October blog chain. The theme this time around is Autumn/Halloween, but we can write about anything. Flash fiction, essay, writing craft, and so on. Just something about the season.

Angela 785 went before me. She presented a great piece on using the seasons to really punch up the setting in your story.

At first, I wanted to write a little short story. Afterall, Halloween is my favorite time of year. If it could be Halloween every day, I would be a content girl. Costumes and candy, monsters and skulls, chilly weather, and spirits abroad. It's fantastic.

But Halloween is too personal for me, too close to my heart. It's more than just the skulls, or that no one looks at me strange for wearing a jack o'lantern shirt, or that I can find black roses, and fabric with blood splatter designs. Those are all just bonus.

Halloween is so close to my heart because it's my anniversary. Eleven years ago (close enough) my fiance and I started our relationship. There have been ups and downs, certainly, but every day we've been together has been as magical as that night.

Modern America might deride true love, and call it the pipe dream of movie makers and greeting card stores, but I know better. True love exists, and every fall, I get to mark the passing of another year with the one who completes me.

And yes, this post is cheesey, and doesn't have a theme, but this is what happens to me around Halloween. I am a sappy, sentimental little girl who thinks of Halloween as more romantic than Valentines. I'm delighted to have had eleven wonderful years, and am looking forward to eleven more, and eleven more...

...and eleven more...

...and eleven more...


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