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Friday, October 9, 2009

Morgan Chronicles

I sagged in Martel's arms, groaning and trembling, my eyes rolled back into my head. I'd felt rapture this intense befpre, but never coupled with such hunger. Martel had bitten hard, his fangs tearing at my neck. He sucked, gnawing on me, hurting me as he started his feeding. Yet, it felt great despite the pain.

Then he swallowed.

I had no idea what my blood did to him, but he was suddenly growling, clawing at my skin, feeding with all his might. My breath was caught in my throat, my entire being focused on Martel's mouth. I finally drew in a breath, then let it out sharply as his nails dug into my stomach.

Pain grew, as did the ecstasy. I think I cried, and I know I was writhing. Martel rocked me, growling in time with his swallows, and I felt his hunger against my soul. He wanted all of me, and I couldn't put my thoughts together enough to stop him.

"He's hurting her!" Steven shouted. I whimpered, growing more distant as Martel continued to drain my blood.

"Let her go," the she-vamp said softly. Martel snarled, shifting us away from his mistress. He repositioned his bite, securing his fangs deeper in my vein. I began to choke, the pressure of his bite cutting off my breath. My hands slapped feebly at Martel's arms, and I began to black out.

I drew a ragged breath, suddenly free and sprawled on the floor. Martel was babbling apologies, on his back, the woman's foot planted in the middle of his chest. "Mistress Vara, you don't understand." My eyes closed, and I drifted into darkness.

Tiny hands touched my face, warm energy spreading across my skin. "Martel's a meanie." Drawing a deep breath, the pain fading, I slowly opened my eyes. Steven knelt beside me, tears streaking his skinny face, staring intently. "He shouldn't have hurt you."

I watched Steven as he kept healing me, my own abilities assisting him. My neck stopped hurting, and I was having an easier time breathing. I'd never healed so quickly, nor in such a gentle manner. "Who are you?" I asked.

"Taste her and see," Martel said sharply, drawing my attention to him. Vara was stepping on his throat, her weight slowly bearing down. The male vampire looked paniced, yet he dare not touch his mistress. Wide eyes rolled, his mouth stained with my blood, face taut with worry.

"He hurt her bad," Steven said, looking up at Vara. "Make him hurt."

I chewed my lip, wishing I could sink through the floor and escape with Steven. I didn't want to witness any more, didn't want to see if Vara carried out the kid's request for vengeance. I just wanted to take him away, turn him into the Grey Lords, and go about my merry way. I'd rather be back in the Abyssal Lands surrounded by demons.

As Steven withdrew his power, I realized that wasn't true. I merely wanted to be somewhere I understood what was going on. At least fighting the demons, I'd known from the start that I had to close their hell gates.

This was beyond my ken, I'd been dropped in unannounced, no orders, surrounded by vampires. I'd already been clobbered and fed upon, and was likely to be fed on again. All to do something with a little boy who could heal extrodinarily well, who would hang me out to dry, then order my attacker to be punished.

It was almost like dealing with my masters.

Martel started gurgling as the mistress pressed down. I heard something pop, and knew his larynx had collapsed. He beat weakly at her leg, eyes bulging, but there was no hope for escape. Vara was punishing him, and I wished I understood what was going on.

The she-vamp turned, leaving Martel to slowly heal. She sauntered toward me, and I rose to my knees, needing to be less vulnerable. I held still as she reached out to stroke my face. "If she's not your sister, why defend her?" Good question.

"Because she'd going to take me home." Steven beamed, wrapping his tiny arms around my shoulders. Vara glared daggers at me, and I begged to sink through the floor.

The Gray Lords weren't listening.