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Saturday, October 10, 2009

That Halloween night

Angela, inspired by my last post, asked me for details about me and my old man, and our first Halloween. Well, I love to wax poetic about us when prompted, so I shall talk about that night.

Eleven years ago, we were both into live-action role-playing Vampire the Masquerade. My brother was running a side-game to the main storyline in our city, and my old man and I met at one of my brother's games that July. It was love at first sight, but neither of us really acted upon it. We talked, we flirted, he seduced me, I got upset, and we didn't talk to each other for a couple weeks. My boyfriend was upset that this strange man had seduced me, but he was too much of a kid to do much about it.

So, I had weeks to go through a long string of emotions. At first I was angry at myself for letting it happen, then angry at him for doing it. The anger started to fade, and I started to actually think about what happened. He'd worked me through a back rub, into mild teasing with nails, to going down on me. That's it. Nothing else happened. I was young, naive yet arrogant like most people of that emotional age, and I'd only had my one boyfriend. And for only a few months, at that. I was practical a virgin.

And I'd had a brief sexual encounter with a "dark" and "mysterious" man. It made me curious. He was older, more experienced, very talented, and interested in me. I quickly became torn between feeling seduced and used, and wanting to know more about him and go all the way.

Halloween comes around, and the LARP main game is happening at this little ranch on the far outskirts of town. Far enough away to be secluded and to overlook the beauty of the valley, but not completely out in the middle of no where. It was a nice ranch, with plenty of nooks and crannies, and places to be alone, but also crawling with gamers. It being Halloween, everyone was decked out in their costumes. I was being daring, wearing this tight dress, showing off lots of thigh and cleavage, with an open back. It was striking, and nothing I'd ever worn before. I felt empowered, and was enjoying the looks I got.

Then he showed up. All black, knee-high Doc Martin boots, ankle length black velvet coat, long hair down around his shoulders, and black lipstick and eyeliner. He absolutely stole my breath away. He looked natural, elegant, and imperious. I've always loved the darker, evil characters (Lestat was my first literary crush), but had never encountered one in real life.

But he was standing in the doorway, a slice of night come to life.

He saw me, and he smiled, but he made no overt acknowledgment. Instead, he walked passed me, barely nodded, then ran his long nails down my spine. I couldn't react, seeing as my boyfriend was sitting right next to me, simply had to take the zing of nerves electrified by his touch.

It was all over for me then.

I made every excuse I could to flirt with him then, to be near him, to find some way to interact with him. All of it was "in character". At least, that's what I told myself. When the rest of the characters went to watch a duel, our characters proposed to meet on a back porch, away from the others, where we could be alone. I sent my boyfriend off to watch the duel, and waited at our chosen location.

I watched for him, slightly chilled, nervous and starting to become unsure of myself. I heard him approaching long before he arrived; measured steps on the wooden walkway, almost casual, sending chills up my spine. When he finally arrived, I didn't turn, just waited for him to make a move. And he did. Nails raked down my back again, and this time I could show him how much I liked it.

I turned, and we kissed. I bit his neck, and he bit mine, and he showed me just how much interest he had in me. I was told afterward that he was tempted to encourage me to be filthy against the railing, but he held back. We were a bundle of lust, but held back to only kissing and biting. We each left lipstick on the other that we needed to do away with before anyone saw, and we parted with the unspoken promise that we would continue later.

That didn't stop us from encountering each other during the rest of the night. Subtle touches, knowing glances, and everything else. I was giddy, and the night flew by, and all too soon I had to go home.

And we started planning the next day. I eventually left my boyfriend, and he kept warning me he wasn't the type to settle down. Weeks became months, and months became years. He's mine (as much as he can ever be one person's), and I accept that he's not the settle down type.

But I've never wanted that. I've always wanted the bad guy, and I want him to stay the bad guy. So far, I've gotten everything I've wanted and needed.