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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grrr at people

So, I deleted my "woes of customer service" blog. Just didn't have the gumption to keep it up any more. Instead, I'll just post my occasional complaint here. 8P

Mostly, I wish people would act the way the expect to be treated. Like, paying attention to the call, not chewing or breathing heavy into the phone, being nice, and so on. Not freaking out, and being patient. I mean, a customer would have a conniption if I made them wait so I could chit chat with my co-workers. But I have to wait patiently for them when they do the same thing.

Everyone seemed to be bitchy today. Aggravating. I even had a doctor who thought he could get his way by dropping f-bombs and insulting me. That sure shows how educated and intelligent he was.

When I have people like that, I desire phone spiders to unleash upon them. Best Aqua Teen invention ever.